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As a Cyclist, Typically You Only Hope Your Legs Look Good…

February 2020

I’m 26:02 into my 45 minute trainer session. I glanced at the clock because it’s the first time I want to quit. I’ve been pushing the hard gear since I started pedaling and the effort is starting to hurt.  I’m just a few days away from up-shifting to a harder gear and I’m not exactly looking forward to it… I make February’s brutal so I can enjoy March and April.

I’m at the end of a documentary on Carroll Shelby (Shelby American 2019 on Netflix – if you liked Ford vs. Ferrari and want to know the rest of the story, this is a FANTASTIC watch) and I look up from my Garmin as the credits begin to scroll down the screen… and that’s when I see it. Against the black screen. The back lighting must have been just perfect to pick up the reflection of my leg because I’ve never seen my reflection in my tablet’s screen before. Every chiseled muscle in my left leg popping against the effort. Muscles I knew were  there, but never knew were there.

You hope they are, of course. You train hard and eat pretty well, but unless you’re outrageously vainglorious, with your favorite floor mirror propped before your trainer, you never really know if your legs look awesome…

Until you catch a glimpse of your glorious leg bobbing up and down as you pedal, because the lighting was once in never, just perfectly so.

You know what happens next;  I picked up the pace and pushed harder against the increased resistance.  I cursed progressive resistance and settled into my pace.  As the light outside died, the reflection went with it and I’m left watching Terminator 14(ish)… the one with Christian Bale as John Connor and Sam Worthington as the Terminator turned good guy until the timer hits 45:00.

Training is going well.  We’ve got just 36 days till spring and I’m ready for it.


  1. unironedman says:

    Accidental vainglory is TOTALLY allowed 😉

    (On a side note, have I missed a lot of the Terminator movies, by any chance…?)

    • bgddyjim says:

      The first one was an obvious classic. The second was okay, it definitely followed the story line and was entertaining. The third, Rise of the Machines, was pretty good (female terminator, smokin’ hot). Four, the one I mention in this post, was excellent – and I mean that, it was really good. Five, Genisys, I haven’t seen. Same with Dark Fate, haven’t seen it, though I like the cast choices on that one. Genisys is on my cable’s streaming service so I’ll check that one out after I’m done with part 3…

  2. Tony says:

    Love the Terminators. Never realized that was Christian Bale.

  3. You mean to say you DON’T have angled floor mirrors all around your house to keep check on your leg muscles? Just me then? 🤣 (I need those circus mirrors that make your legs look huge)

  4. Dave Talsma says:

    I don’t keep track of my stationary miles, but 50.5 hours since November, wonder if it will help or not.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Depends on the gear you’re pushing, Dave. If you’re putting some real effort into it, there’s no question it’ll help. My past couple of springs were very enjoyable because of the effort I put into the first two months of the year on the trainer. Good luck, bud.

  5. bgddyjim says:

    No question it’ll help, Dave. That’s a heavy gear, bud.

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