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Winter is Getting Short, I’ll Be On the Venge in Less Than Two Months

February 2020

We’re going through our normal February cold snap, but unlike the normal two-week stretch, it’s only going to last a few days. It was -5 when I went to work yesterday. And that’s with an “F” after it. With a “C”, it was -20 (this morning is a balmy 9 or -13 C). My buddy, Chuck still managed to ride outside yesterday even though it only got to 17° (-8 C) during the warmest part of the day. I rode, happily, on the trainer. If spring were to start tomorrow, and it most definitely will not (c’mon global warming! absolutely, I believe it’s real, but I side with real science over politicians on the effects, little to no bad, LOTS of good), I’d be ready to go. I’ll use the few remaining weeks to lose a few more pounds and get used to pushing harder gears, though.

Mrs. Bgddy and I are signed up for three of the six major rides we’ll do this year. DALMAC, which is entirely sold out for the first time in a long time, and a couple other favorites. I’m also signed up for the Dawn Farm Ride for Recovery, the only single-day ride I’ll sign up for in advance (even if the weather is crap I want them to get the money, I’m obviously behind the cause). I’m getting a little stir crazy, though. I want to get out on the road. The weather outlook is favorable, too. Just about the end of the month it should be in the 40’s (5 -8 C) – more than warm enough to get me out the door.

The Trek is riding as good as it ever has while I’ve owned it and the Venge is even better, and with new compact chainrings. If I get a nice stretch of weather on one of my road trips this year, it just might make a showing.

All is well this winter, and I’m excited to get 2020 on the road.

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