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Mechanical Cheating on a Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

February 2020

It was so abso-freaking-lutely beautiful yesterday, I had to ride outside. I didn’t want to, I wanted to put my 45 minutes in on the trainer and be done… but 39° and mostly sunny, after it was 2° just the other day? No chance. But I wanted to ride the Trek, to see how the changes I made felt.

I knew everyone else would be on gravel bikes.

Still, I wanted to ride my road bike and I figured the dirt roads would be way too gnarly…

So I did.

I prepped it, changed rear wheels, and marched it right out the door. And Doc Mike showed up with his fat bike. Oh, did I feel like a putz! I even turned around to swap bikes, but I’d have had to change shoes and over shoes or swap pedals. It would have taken a minute or five, so I walked it right back out the door.

What a fantastic ride. We averaged 17.2-mph and it was easy the whole way, even into the ample headwind. Mike must have been hurting, on that fat bike, though. Even on pavement, 17 on a fat bike?!

We were out for a glorious 1h:9m:17s. I wanted more, but I also wanted to call it good – I wanted to walk in the door with a smile on my face.

And a smile on my face I had. Mechanical doping? Yep.

Worth it.


  1. Dang! 17.2 mph on a fat bike!

    I had to ride yesterday, as well. There is still a lot of snow out on the trails, nice and soft, perfect for fat tires. It was a wonderful ride!

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