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Fun While It Lasted; Back On the Trainer for the Near Future…


February 2020

I probably could have ridden outside when I got home yesterday.  Hell, probably should have.  It was spitting when I got home, but so lightly I’d hardly have noticed, and it was in the mid-40’s (7 C), too.  I know…

Still, I’ve had this interesting problem with my Trek, when I’m in the big ring up front and the two biggest in the back, if I shift to the little ring, it’ll drop the chain into the bottom bracket.  Third gear down on the cassette?  It shifts like a dream.  It’s rare enough I’ve only ever dropped the chain once on the road, but still, I wanted to figure it out.  And it could have rained (the WC forecast said 20% chance – in Michigan 20% = 85%).  There was a big storm blowing in (we’re supposed to get 6″ of snow over the next two days).

I decided to tinker.  I’d ridden outside Saturday and Sunday, I needed an easy spin inside and I didn’t want to get wet.

So tinker I did, and had everything operating as it should in about 25 minutes or so – the fix is for another post – it’s interesting to me, anyway.

I suited up, popped in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, punched the button on the Bose 5.1 Surround system, turned it up to “shake the rafters” and went to work.  With Mrs. Bgddy and the girls off running errands, I wasn’t bugging anybody but the neighbors 300′ in either direction from my house… Heh.  Now, the plan was to be taking it easy – that was my plan – but riding outside over the weekend showed me I should be working harder on the trainer.  I’m being finicky here, but I want to be just a little stronger going into spring.  I shifted up to a harder gear.  I figured I’d do a 30 minute hard workout and call it good.  When I got to 30 minutes, I kept going.  I was hurting a little bit, but this fat ass isn’t going to work itself off, so I figured better to get a full workout in.

My wife has been getting into the steak chili lately and she’s gotten very good at it – better than a the local high-end restaurants who serve it – and that’s what was for dinner.  I scarfed mine down and finished the movie on the couch.  I drifted off some time after the movie ended and I flipped to a cable station.  My Trek shifting like a dream, workout complete, fantastic dinner had… I think I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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