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Yet Another Day in Paradise; Finally, Fully Outdoors Again

This is always a tricky time of year for me. I don’t want to get too excited about finally being outdoors on my bike(s) because we’ve technically got a fair chance of falling into a cold spell that’ll require anything from a day or two to a week indoors on the trainer. Now that I’ve gotten a taste of the outdoors, looking fondly at the trainer is all the more difficult. Thinking about it is a pain in my keister, really.

The issue here, of course, is the fact that I feel excellent now that I’m getting all that fresh air. I’m happier, friendlier, smilier… lovier (to my wife and two daughters). I’m more apt to let slights roll off my back to address them constructively. I feel like a better version of winter me. I love that feeling.

Yesterday was one of those “iffy” days. I could have gone either way. The Weather Channel showed a zero percent chance of rain but it looked a lot greater than that – and it was chilly. We’d spent time in the 50’s over the last several days, it was only in the mid-40’s yesterday with enough cloud cover to choke out any hope of seeing the sun. A call from my normal weekday riding buddy fixed any capitulation. I prepped the Trek for duty.

The roll over to Chuck’s house was a little north of easy, but he wasn’t ready when I got there. I went inside after I was invited, to escape the chill outside – I was barely dressed for it and had to keep moving to stay warm. Chuck, his wife and I had a few laughs over the state of things with the newest panic ($#!+, that reminds me, I have to check my butt tape supply, heh), while he was getting ready. Ten minutes later, we rolled out. We didn’t even make it out of his subdivision before it started to spit on us. So much for 0%. But it never got worse than the odd drop now and then.

Chuck was on his gravel bike because his road bike was in the shop… so I assumed we’d end up with a nice, easy 17-mph pace. I was mistaken.

We hammered it pretty hard for a Wednesday (I let him set the pace). Unfortunately, I had to cut out the bonus lap (about 2 miles) because of our late start – I had to get the kids some dinner rustled up (in the form of Jet’s Detroit Style Deep Dish Pizza – Wednesday night is pizza night). I took two of the last three miles into the wind, what little there was, and pulled into the driveway with a 19-mph average on the nose.

The Trek is perfectly tuned and running excellently. I dare not say it’s “done” yet, lest I wind up buying something new for it, but I will say this, I love it when a bike comes together. It looks like today I’ll be riding outside, maybe a day off Friday, and then outside for the weekend. Thank God.

Now I’m just gleefully awaiting “Venge Day”.

Covid-19 and How You Know Government Should Be Kept on a VERY Short Leash…

Michigan’s Governor (and a whole slew of other politicians with D’s and R’s after their name) suggested recently that we should replace handshakes with fist and elbow bumps.

Where do those same people suggest you sneeze (or in this case, cough)?

Your elbow.

Just remember, folks, politician is the second oldest profession.  Right after prostitute.  Anyone who puts their faith or hope in politicians will be profoundly disappointed… or happy and profoundly ignorant.