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Daily Archives: March 15, 2020

A Buddy’s Triumphant Return to Cycling After a Knee Replacement

About four months ago, one of my best riding buddies had his knee replaced. He’s suffered through some complications and his recovery has been slowed to the point of a crawl. It’s sucked because he’s had some high hopes for this year. We’ve all had high hopes for him this year, actually.

He had a layoff because of yet another issue that had him laid up for a few days which took the swelling in his knee way down. He went back to PT immediately after and all of a sudden, he felt comfortable enough to try his comeback. He’s been riding for a week, now. Slow, of course, but he’s got a good start.

Yesterday was his welcome back ride. 20 miles on dirt roads (because it was really cold). We had eight, including Mike, and we did a nice loop at his pace to welcome him back – to give him that feeling you can only get riding with a bunch of your friends.

My friends, it was good times and noodle salad all around.