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A Weekend Ride to Remember

With all of this COVID-19 madness, it was nice to get out with a bunch of friends and go for a spin over the weekend.  It was spectacularly sunny, but very cold (just 36° or 2 C at noon) and slightly windy (8-10-mph NE).

Unfortunately, we don’t have any good northeast routes from my house – we can do north and west, but that east always throws a monkey wrench in the works.  The wind didn’t feel all that bad and we’d talked about doing our “Deer Loop” anyway, so I suggested we just roll with that rather than mess with traffic in an all north/south route.  Unfortunately, that meant headwind for the entire ride home.  Still, I thought, how bad could it be?


The ride out was obviously fantastic.  We spent some good miles north of 20-mph.  In fact, we had almost a 21-mph average at one point (20.8).  It seemed we had a lot more east than north in the wind, though, because heading south was tougher than I expected.  Another few miles west after stopping at our normal gas station, and it was time to pay the piper.

We had a really good group, but the slog east was brutal; it was a character builder, let’s say.  Heading north wasn’t much better, either.  The temp climbed nicely into the low 40’s (5 C) and other than trying to hide from the wind, it turned into a really nice day for a ride – considering it was just 24° (-4 C) when we woke up.

There were six of us and we finished with a 19.1-mph average and smiles on our faces.  It was nice to feel normal in the face of the craziness.  And that craziness has been added to.  We’ll manage, though, because that’s what we do.  It was nice to feel normal for a bit, though.  To stop thinking.

The club has postponed Tuesday night rides until further notice, so that’s going to be a wait and see kind of thing as everything feels like it’s getting out of hand.  Thankfully, the construction industry isn’t shutting down, which means I’m still working.  Traffic on the way in is eerily light, though.  Even so, my buddy Chuck and I plan on riding regularly (as long as we’re both feeling right)… in fact, if I have to ride solo for the next however long it takes, I’m good with that, too.

UPDATE:  Well, I wrote this post Sunday night, but with everything going on, I postponed publishing it – and a lot’s happened since then with the COVID-19 virus.  Tuesday was Venge Day, and Wednesday was Groundhog Day (On My Venge).  We beat the rain last night by about an hour and we’re due for a nasty few days.  Rain this evening (that, if I’m lucky, we’ll be able to sneak a ride in) followed by rain all day tomorrow and frigid cold on Saturday.  In other, shorter, words, we’re inside for a few days which will probably be good for virus control… and we’re following every recommendation as far as our CDC and State suggestions go.  We’re still buying take-out to support our local restaurants, but other than that, and cycling, we’re on total lockdown.