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You Know What Sucks? Part 62,195


I have this thing about how many miles I put on my bikes over the course of a year.  This may seem extreme to normal folk, but I like to be right around 8,000 miles overall (6,000 outdoor miles) for the year.  This isn’t an easy task when one has a job, but it’s certainly not impossible.  I did it last year.

Then the Wuhan, China coronavirus COVID-19 swept in and I expected March’s total mileage to take a serious hit.  Far worse, we’re looking at almost a three week layoff (without pay for me, which is another big hit) if things don’t change.  The first day of the layoff, Tuesday, I was sweating bullets.  How would this work itself out?!  How would I provide for the family?!


Then I remembered that which is most important:  God is everything or God is nothing.  At that point, I started thinking positively again.

Fortunately, though, my wife and I have a little nest egg tucked away for just this sort of occasion, with enough cash I could easily withstand a month, maybe two, without having to get off the couch.  We have this little nest egg because when ex-drinkers sober up, we’re taught that it’s wise to save up some money for just in case… and the only reason we don’t have enough cash for four months is we decided to pay cash up front for my eldest daughter’s Invisiline “braces” so we could get a credit for the youngest’s.

So that’s meant I have been, and will continue to be able to, spend an inordinate amount of time on my bikes.  March started out as a mediocre month and with four days left in the month, I’ve smashed last March… and I’ve got nothing but time for the next two weeks.  Starting Monday, I won’t be getting paid so I have no problem whatsoever riding whenever the mood strikes me.

It’ll be like being retired for a couple of weeks, and that sounds good to me.

Some people wonder “why sober up”?

Because my life’s become so good, drinking stopped being a temptation twenty years ago.  People don’t understand being clean because they can’t see beyond their addiction.  If they could see what life had in store for them, quitting would be an afterthought.

And that most definitely doesn’t suck.


  1. Enjoy your government imposed break! 🙂

    I’m still working here, but I recon it’s only a matter of time before things get locked down further and we’ll all be at home too. I was always taught to save for a rainy day, so we’ll be fine then the time comes. Hopefully those “rainy days” will be sunny so like you I can get some miles ridden!

    • bgddyjim says:

      Well, brother, sadly this is Michigan and spring. We’ll get some decent days, but we’ve got some rain in the forecast, too. I’ll take what I can get.

  2. The Omil says:

    Welcome to the world of the retired (but briefly, I hope).

  3. unironedman says:

    It’s only been a few weeks but I am having trouble remembering what day it is. Just out of interest, is there a state pension over there? As in, what generally happens when you retire and don’t have a private pension?

  4. Eliza says:

    Happy riding! I’m glad you’re getting the time to ride. God will always take care of you

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