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We’re dealing with COVID-19, but what’s a virus in the first place? — One Regular Guy Writing about Food, Exercise and Living Past 100

Tony, over at One Regular Guy Writing About Food, Exercise and Living Past 100, added this incredibly interesting post… I can’t recommend it highly enough.  It’s a good read.

Everybody knows by now that the United States and the world are in the grip of one of the dangerous coronaviruses called COVID-19, but what’s a virus and how can it make us feel ill? Why do our bodies react the way they do? Are viruses alive? “Viruses aren’t considered alive – in class I […]

via We’re dealing with COVID-19, but what’s a virus in the first place? — One Regular Guy Writing about Food, Exercise and Living Past 100

Thank Goodness for My Inglorious Rain Bike Part Two: Let’s Not Get Too Carried Away.

Chuck and I rolled out yesterday to a 10% chance of rain.  Now, to most normal people, that means this means there’s a 90% chance it won’t rain.  Good odds, right?  But you don’t live in the Genesee Valley in Michigan, now do you (well, a few who read this will, but don’t mess up my little lead-in)?  In the freakin’ Genesee Valley in Michigan, a 10% chance of rain means there’s a 100% chance you get 10% wet.  Two miles into the ride it started to mist – and true to the formula, it’d mist up for a mile, then quit for four, mist up for a half, then quit for three more… it was one of those scenarios where you don’t really want to quit but you don’t want to stay out, either.  Oh, I almost forgot the temperature – because that makes this whole equation really fun.  41°, feels like 36 (that’s 3 C to the Canucks and Europeans).

Even with the on again, off again mist, it wasn’t enough to get the roads wet so we just pressed on.  20 miles in, cruising toward home with a nice tailwind, it all got a little ugly.  The misting increased in intensity, but still wasn’t enough to wet the roads.  Had the roads been wet, when Chuck asked, “So what do you wanna do?”, I’d have responded, “Go the f*** home”.  Instead, it was, “I don’t f***in’ know”.  And just so you know, “I don’t f***in’ know” translates in cycling English to “Let’s add some miles”.  On the back end of a bonus lap with the mist now enough to form droplets on my dome protector, Chuck said, “Hey, let’s do the rest of the Jimmer Loop home”.  Again, in cycling English, this translates to “Let’s add three more miles”.

And because I’m a dumbass when I put said ass on the saddle of my Trek, I said, “Sure, we can do that”.

Three miles later, the roads were wet and I was cursing my idiot self for having agreed to add more miles.  Had we stuck to the original plan of 30, I’d have been in the driveway just about the time the roads got wet.  Instead, we were still three miles out.  I was going to have to clean my bike again.  Second time in three days…

And as if someone heard my moaning and cared, everything dried up with two miles to go.  We just rolled right out of the mist like there was a wall.  Mist here [I] No Mist here.

And then I felt like a wuss for complaining (in my head) about having to clean my bike again.

I pulled into the driveway with a little more than 33 miles, and I only had to wipe the bike down.  It didn’t need anywhere near a full cleaning.

Today is the last crappy, cloudy day though, and it shouldn’t be quite as cold.  Tomorrow the sun comes out and the temps start to normalize a little bit… which means I’m giddy.  CoVacation 2020 is about to get fun.