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CoVengeCation-2020; Cycling Like It’s Mid-Season (With A Sad Caveat)


As cycling mileage goes, with my big months in the heat of the season (June through September), I’m lucky to hit 1,000 miles in a month.  If I can hit 1,100 miles, I’m really happy.  My best month ever is 1,174 miles.

Last year, I managed two 1,000+ mile months.  Two years ago, it was five (and four were 1,100+).  The year before that, three.  My first ever 1,000 mile month was in 2016 and I managed just that one that year (I remember being pretty stoked about that, too).

Entering our second week off work by order of our governor, just five days into April, I’m on pace for a 1,200 mile month.  Not only do I believe I won’t hit that, I hope I don’t.  See, I have a problem; I don’t have an off button.  If it’s nice out, or at least close, I’m going to ride.  I have to hope for rain days so I can take a day off the bike.  Normally, this isn’t a problem because I’ve got time to work up to consecutive days on the bike during the dry season.  With COVIDcation, I’ve already got a 240 mile and a 260 mile week… and I haven’t had a chance to build up to it.

So here’s the sad caveat:  I’m over-trained, without an off button, no work, and no rain in sight.

My only chance for salvation is Thursday.  It’ll be too windy to ride (20-30-mph with gusts to 40) and I’ll be looking for an excuse to take a day off, anyway.  I know what you’re thinking… well just take a day off, ya knucklehead!  No off switch.  Can’t do it unless it’s gnarly outside.

In a normal year, I wouldn’t have this problem because I’m balancing work, home life, yard work and cycling.  I’d be pulling 20-mile weekday rides with longer days on the weekend, weather permitting.  Those short weekday rides allow me to build up my fitness and give me a little breather between weekends.  With time off and decent weather, I’ve gone absolutely nuts.  I’m averaging better than 45 miles a day so far this month…

What I have to be careful of is over-cooking myself to the point I develop an injury, which would suck.  Up until now, I haven’t been working on hard days or easy days.  They’ve all been moderate “base” miles (at least since COVID).  It very well could be that I should start worrying about throwing an active recovery day in every couple of days and then start adding some hard effort days as well.

Whatever the case, it’s going to be an adventure – and an adventure I’m looking forward to.



  1. Wow! That’s pretty impressive! I too don’t have an off switch. It’s one or the other, extreme or nada, nothing, zilch. I don’t do vanilla or moderation. It’s exhausting but can be extremely productive! Well done to you.

  2. unironedman says:

    Get on yer mountain bike!

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