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10000 Days Of Happy Living

I almost forgot, well, I did forget to post this… then I remembered!

I recently celebrated 240,000 hours of living right, clean, sober, and above all, happy – twenty-four hours at a time (sometimes one).

It was a fun day.

A Fantastic Day for A Ride (Part 2,695) and A Holiday Greeting

Friday’s weather was cold, windy and a little nasty.  I could have gone for a ride but I’ve gone too many days on and none off.  I decided to rest… because Saturday’s weather was looking awesome.  The weather reports were right.

Mrs. Bgddy and I rolled out at 11:30 in the morning.  My friend, Chuck joined us.

We’d decided on what we call The Deer Loop.  We call it this because it was on this loop my wife got run into by a deer and my riding buddy, Mike fell over backwards and broke his butt bone when he hit the ground.  We rolled out into a healthy headwind.  The deer Loop would provide us with headwind for the first half of the ride so we could have tailwind for the second half.  While it was decently breezy, the sun was out in full force and it was glorious.

Just a few miles before we were to hit tailwind my wife suggested maybe we should abandon the Deer Loop and extend it.  We did, and we just kept extending it.  First, my wife added several miles.  Then I added a few… then she added a couple more… The sun was the issue that kept us upping the ante – it was wonderful.  While it wasn’t exactly warm, it certainly wasn’t cold, either.  The only thing we had to worry about was a few miles of cross headwind that was more cross than headwind.  The homestretch was eight glorious miles with almost a straight tailwind.  Hands down in the drops, shoulders low, and with a perfect, strong pedal stroke and with that push we quickly took our 17 & change average up to 18 and change.

We’d gone out with the hope of 34 miles and that I’d have to add on an extra 20 to earn my dinner (pot roast shepherd’s pie with gravy – it’s unfair it’s so good) but we pulled into the driveway with a wonderful 47 miles.  I didn’t bother adding miles.  The route is so good I’m going to save it in the archives for future use.

Dinner was sweet and I slept like a baby – a perfect Saturday.

Today and tomorrow get a little tricky.  We’re going to try to let it dry out before heading out this morning but we’ve got more wind and rain on the way for the afternoon… so we’re going to have to shoehorn one in because it gets ugly tomorrow.  30-mph sustained winds with gusts up to 50.  There won’t be any riding tomorrow… and then we have to endure a cold snap till the end of the week before temps normalize again.  Ack.

With that, from my family to yours, a safe and Happy Easter.  Whatever your religious belief, the important message of the day is simply, “be good to each other”.  The goal is to skid into your casket in a cloud of dust saying, “Wow!  What a ride!”

Make it that, one day at a time.