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One Thing I’ve Learned During COVIDcation-2020


I used to tell people I was meant to be a man of leisure – that I should somehow stumble upon enough money that I could simply fund a life of watching movies and riding my bicycles and I’d be happy.

That all sounded tremendous.  Maybe win the lottery (even though I don’t play), and settle down for a happy life.

I’ve been out of work for all of 18 or 19 days and it occurred to me the other day that I actually miss working.  Not only the structure and busy-ness of it, always having something to occupy me, but I miss the production.  I am very good at what I do – I should be, I’ve got decades of experience – and I enjoy doing it.

Sure, I’ve thoroughly enjoyed lounging around in my p.j.’s for the last two-plus weeks, but I’m itching to go back to building stuff.

I spoke with my boss today, only for ten minutes, about a new job we’ve got coming up shortly down in Ohio – and thankfully, their governor wasn’t as ham-handed as ours and construction is still moving down there.  For ten minutes I enjoyed the adrenaline of digging through a set of plans to get ready to roll.  It was wonderful.

The best thing I’ve learned so far is that I’m not meant to be a man of leisure.  I am a man who enjoys his leisure time.

There’s a big difference between the two and I’ll remember that when I go back.


  1. Sheree says:

    There’s a big difference isn’t there!

  2. lampenj says:

    When I broke my collarbone last year (right about this time), I learned that the process of riding and training was just as valuable as the race day results. I’m learning again now through this, that just the training is super valuable even when there are no finish lines to look forward to. At this point, I don’t expect to be racing until at least September (I believe large gatherings will be either forbidden or frowned upon until we have a rock solid handle on treatment and who is immune). It means I don’t always have the motivation to hit 6th gear on every interval, or on every hill, but I’m thankful for the plan and I get through every workout just to make sure I shower every day 🙂

  3. joliesattic says:

    I had to laugh. I love my leisure time too. I never missed my job though. But too much free time gets old. That’s why I started driving for Uber/Lyft. It got me out the door and kept me busy, plus I met many very nice people from all walks of life.

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