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Celebrating FINALLY Feeling Like Me Again…


I first felt symptoms that matched with reports of what happens with COVID-19 somewhere around March 19th, just shy of a month ago. Those symptoms were surprisingly mild – just enough to make you wonder. Tight lungs and chest, I couldn’t say shortness of breath, it just felt as if someone was squeezing the tops of my lungs so I couldn’t get full use of them. I thought I was just being hyper-sensitive until the annoying dry cough started. My buddy’s son and wife had it, though this was before tests were abundant (due to a bureaucratic SNAFU, thanks to the FDA). She was tested for everything but COVID and all of that was negative. They didn’t send her test in for COVID because she didn’t fit the profile for someone who could become terribly ill. Chuck started experiencing symptoms shortly thereafter. It was the damned fist bumps at the end of a ride (snotty glove to snotty glove, wiped my nose the next day… we stopped with the fist bumping just after the initial panic and his wife became sick). I texted my boss that morning and called him a little later. He paid me to stay work from home for the rest of the week. My symptoms eased over that weekend but according to guidelines I had till Thursday the next week before I could go back to work (72 hours after symptoms and minimum seven days after symptoms first showed up). My wife complained of symptoms that matched mine the day after I started feeling better.

Just before I was supposed to go back to work, our governor shut our industry down. I’ve been home since.

That wasn’t the end, though. I’ve had good days and not as good days, since. I believe continuing with my cycling was vitally important to as well as I’ve done through this. In fact, when this is all done, I wouldn’t be surprised to see that those who locked themselves in suffered worse than those who managed to get as much fresh air as possible fared better… but that’s nothing more than a personal hypothesis.

Long after the dry cough was gone, and long after the tightness in my chest eased considerably, I felt like something had been taken out of me – that I was a little short. Not short of breath, I just wasn’t all the way back. Some days, not all, it still felt like the top quarter of my lungs were useless. In terms of cycling, I stopped sprinting and I was usually okay with puttering along with my wife (for the most part). While I wanted to shake the funk, I didn’t want to overdo it and land myself in dire straights. Still, I wanted me back again, at the same time. It was frustrating, and I internalized the whole struggle.

I always had the thought in the back of my head, “what if it gets worse… a lot worse“.

I finally shook that yesterday. I don’t know how or why the switch flipped, but it did. I gained a lot of me back. Going by percentages, during symptoms I was 67%. After, I was 80-85%. Yesterday I hit 90-95%. I can still feel something, but my breathing is loose and free again.

And just in time, too. We went through a cold snap for the last four days – it snowed three of them even if it didn’t stick. Today, while it’s going to be windy later, we’ll have a decent temperatures along with a steady breeze and sunshine to start the day. I’ve got big miles planned, too. 10-11-mph winds heading into the wind, and it should pick up to 18-mph to push me home. If I time it right. We shall see.

Anyway, Mrs. Bgddy is still where I was – not quite right, but she’s getting back to normal. Unlike me, she had the intense headache a few days ago. If she follows my pattern, it’ll be another four or five days before she feels like herself again.

As for my daughters, they experienced nothing. Completely asymptomatic.

So, you may wonder why we never got tested… Well, when I started with my symptoms, we were still in the “you’re not old enough or sick enough for us to send this test in” phase of testing. Getting tested would have been useless. I will be getting tested for antibodies when that test comes out – a doctor friend of mine has my back on that… this way, at least I can give blood to help others who aren’t as fortunate as I am.

More on that another day.


  1. Tony says:

    Good post, Jim. Thanks, very informative. That being in the dark about the actual truth really sucks. I found this post by a CNBC reporter who had it very informative.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I was with her right up till the doom and gloom about the economy. File that news under “Die Hard News” (“No f***in’ $#!+, lady). Nobody knowledgeable in economics expect that to last once the economy can be opened up. When you shut everything down, you shut it down and the numbers will reflect this.

      Send the bill to China.

  2. It’s really interesting to see how it’s affected you and I’m very glad you’re almost 100% better. I had a foul throat for about 9 days, then it suddenly went and a dry cough appeared overnight. Two days later it’s still here and my lungs are pretty sore all across my back. No temperature though. Keep well 💕

    • bgddyjim says:

      Many don’t get a fever (my buddy, the doctor, says 50-ish percent don’t. Stay well, and if you’ve made it this far, you should be just fine when it blows over.

  3. Sheree says:

    Glad you’re almost as good as new and I hope your wife recovers shortly too. At some point you’ll find out whether you’ve really had it or not.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I think I had that other super-bug out there messing with respiratory systems… but is only REALLY bad for a select few. The one they didn’t shut down the world economy for.

      Oh, wait.

  4. gr8ful_collette says:

    Glad you’re feeling better! Hope you’re both 100% really soon.

  5. I’m so glad y’all are feeling better 🙏🏼

  6. Eliza says:

    I’m glad you’re feeling better. I hope you get back to 100% real soon…
    Love, light, and glitter

  7. Sue Slaght says:

    I’m glad you are feeling better Jim and your wife too. Take good care.

  8. limetwiste says:

    Virtual hugs and thoughts from me to you both.

  9. Saoirsek says:

    So glad you’re ok, it just shows you. You’re a fit young man, it knows no bounds. I wish people got how important it is to social distance. I’m definitely feeling a bit roped, hopefully it will pass . Love to all

  10. Saoirsek says:

    Nope You couldn’t underestimate the stupidity

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