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Missing My Friends, But Happily Cycling Nonetheless.


My wife and I headed out yesterday morning after the “almost all clear” from the Weather Channel – “almost” is about as good as we get in Michigan in April. Unfortunately, the wind hammered us yet again. We decided on the same route we rode Saturday but changed up six miles in to stairstep the headwind a little.

Those long slogs into a headwind make me long for days past where ten of my closest friends and I take turns up front for the group.  Not for COVIDcation.  I took all of the headwind again but I was feeling the effects from my 100k the day before.  My wife asked, about two miles in, if we could take it easy in the headwind, and I was more than happy to oblige her.

18 miles in and we made it to the tailwind. We stopped at a normal bridge for a cycling selfie:

Mrs. Bgddy took the lead from there and I held on. Her problems from the day before were left in the dust. She was moving!  Our average shot up from 15-mph to more than 16 in less than five miles.  We flirted with 28-mph a few times but mainly kept it between 22 & 25 and smoked it!  I didn’t know how fast we were through that section until I looked this morning, we took a 4th all time with an average of 25.2-mph for four of those miles.

We hit a jog north seven miles and things slowed down a little bit with the crosswind, but we were already pushing a 17-mph average and I wanted to keep it so I tried pushing the pace a little bit.  Just a mile to the home stretch and my wife asked what my mileage goal for the day was.  I told her I wanted 50 but with the wind, I was pretty sure the 36 would do…  I just didn’t want to mess around with anymore headwind.  I’d had enough.  She asked if I wanted to add four more miles by looping north a couple of miles before heading home.  I jumped at it, stoked that she was willing to do a little extra.

I started scheming to get her a QOM on a segment I hold the KOM on… I went over the strategy with her as we headed east again with a nice push.  We were going to take it easy until just before the segment start, three miles up the road.  I’d take a half-mile pull leading into the segment to ramp the speed up, then we’d hit it full gas and see how long we could hold it.  I’d need to beat 31-mph to beat my old KOM but I wasn’t expecting to get close to that.  I just wanted to get my wife in the top ten.

Well, it kinda went to plan… right up till she dropped my wheel shortly after I topped 28-mph.  I finished the mile (.97 of a mile) at 2:12 and I’d put Mrs. Bgddy about ten seconds behind me which would have put her 5th or 6th overall and QOM by about 17 seconds.  I forgot she’s not on Strava, though.  DOH!

We pulled into the driveway with just shy of 40 miles and I wore a smile on my face the rest of the day.

It’ll be another day of cycling and happiness during COVIDcation as the weather is going to be nice.  Sunshine and average temps with a little wind.  Good times and noodle salad, folks.  It’s as good as it gets.

Actually, we didn’t have noodle salad last night.  No, it was barbecue bacon burgers with onion rings and two styles of Famous Dave’s BBQ sauce.  Sorry, but that trumps noodle salad any day of the week and twice on Sunday.

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  1. joliesattic says:

    Nice to have a competitive partner.

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