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COVIDcation-2020: Helping A Friend


One of my best cycling buddies bought a 2012 Venge last year and hopped it up with a SRAM Red eTap drivetrain.  It is bad@$$.

Well, yesterday he decided he wanted to clean the headset bearings and ran into some trouble and I’m going to go to his house and help him out at some point when his schedule allows today.  Let’s just say I’m not exactly busy and between my wife’s Alias and my Venge, I’ve taken the assembly apart and put it back together enough I can almost do it blindfolded (I’m not quite bored enough to try).

So today it’ll be a bike ride around noon, when it will finally warm up enough to be enjoyable (and with almost no wind[!] only 6-mph from the west), and I’ll follow that up with heading over to my friend’s house to help him get his Venge sorted.

Today is cold, but manageable, tomorrow we’ve got rain for the entire day, so a day off the bike tomorrow.  Friday seems like it might be reasonable but Saturday and Sunday are sketchy.  The good news is that temperatures finally look good two weeks out – no more freezing temps or snow in the forecast.  I can’t tell you how tired I am of the snow.  I ended up riding inside yesterday, for an hour and a half, because it was snowing.

Sorry for the short post today, I’ve had a lot on my angst that kept me from inspiration yesterday.  Things turned out as they should, though, so my mood is better today.  It was going to get a little tight around here without it.  I’m hoping we’ll be going back to work after the 1st of May… fingers crossed (and I still have three weeks of vacation left!).

1 Comment

  1. Eliza says:

    Great use of time!!! Kindness and bike rides? Awesome pair!
    Love, light and glitter

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