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A Bicycle was Invented as Transportation. 200 Years Later, It’s Still Just Riding a Bike, Only Better.

The bicycle is still used as transportation – a human being on a bicycle is one impressively efficient machine – but there’s an enjoyable nature to the bicycle that just shouldn’t be missed…

Pull up to the start of a long bike ride, or better, a bike tour, and you won’t find a frown in the crowd (well, maybe one, though I’ve never seen one).  Ride along and the happy mood of the people you’re with should be a welcome surprise the uninitiated.  Like anything in life, a bike ride is not always perfect.  There are personalities to navigate, and this must be done in a state of stress on one’s body.  Therefore, at the end of a day, when it’s all over it’s handshakes, hi-fives and laughs… if required, apologies and forgiveness.  I’ve made my fair share boneheaded mistakes and I’ve made my amends promptly, whilst said crow was still warm.  I’ve forgiven my fair share, as well.  The unity of the group is always more important than petty squabbles that happen in the middle of a long ride when nerves are taxed to begin with.

Friends, what happens on a long ride or a tour is what should happen everywhere in life.  We should only be so lucky.  Just a thought.