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COVIDcation-2020; A Day So Nice I Had to Ride Twice

My first go was with Mrs. Bgddy. The temp was a little on the chilly side to start, though I quickly found myself slightly overdressed. Overdressed in a comfortable way, though. It was nice to be a little warm and sweaty after the unbelievably cold and crappy weather we had all week long. I was thrown by the fact the wind was only in the single digits… with the clouds parting and some yellow orb shining in the sky, through the breaking cloud over! It was crazy!

It was also spectacular.

I was on my Venge and just having the time of my life in what felt like warmth but in truth was only average temps. That bike is so flipping fast next to my Trek, it’s almost silly.

Anyway, I took all of what headwind we had pushing north for twelve miles.  We managed to hold a decent average, too.  We turned left into a crosswind and that’s the first time my wife said, “Go ahead and do your hills and catch up to me.”  I’ve gotten used to chilling out with my wife, for the most part, but she doesn’t like the hills and I do so I shot off ahead to do the extra mile.  It took the better of xix miles to catch her, but with the tailwind on the way back, it was fun.  We headed into a subdivision loop and on the way in, she sent me up to do the loop twice while she did it once.  She said she’d head back and meet me in the second.  Well, I saw one of the guys from the bike shop in the neighborhood, so I stopped to talk to him for a minute, then I saw the gym teacher from the elementary school, so I talked to him for a minute… and when I came out of the sub onto the main road, I could see her up ahead puttering along with the guy from the shop… toward the City Limits sign.

I put the hammer down to catch them.  I put my head down and my hands in the drops and powered through the cross-headwind at 24-mph, only looking up now and again to make sure the road ahead was clear.  I was gaining on them and fast but I didn’t know if I had enough to catch them before the sign.  It was going to be close.  I caught and overtook her with fifteen feet to go… she shouted something like, “Son of a BITCH!” as I passed her, laughing my @$$ off.

After, we stopped at a bridge for a photo before heading home.  I asked my wife is she would help me keep my average and she reluctantly agreed.  I told her I’d pull every last foot of the four-and-a-half miles home.  We pulled into the driveway with a decent 18.6-mph average.

I had a light lunch, knowing we were going out for dinner (we buy takeout and eat in the car)… and I got to thinking about riding with my buddy, Chuck.  Technically, I don’t exactly know if it’s legal, but at worst, it’s a gray area.  You’re allowed to exercise with someone if you maintain six feet, but six feet is useless with cycling.  On the other hand, I know Chuck had COVID already, and we’re pretty sure I did, so whatever… We decided to ride side-by-side to give us the best distancing – and we passed about six police vehicles from three different branches (local, sheriff, and staties) and every one of them waved at us as a friendly gesture, so I’m assuming we were good.

The wind had picked up, too, so the ride north, along the exact same route we’d done earlier, was a little tougher.  I realized about nine miles in I’d forgotten to restart my Garmin at Chuck’s driveway.  I hit the start button as soon as I realized what I’d done.  A mile later we were into crosswind, then tailwind and we hammered it straight home.  I pulled into the driveway with an 18.3-mph average and another 31 miles.

A day so nice, I had to ride twice.  And it was good.

Thankfully, more of the same for the weekend, though it’s time to get busy with some household chores I’ve been putting off till the unemployment checks started coming in… Not that I don’t trust the bureaucracy (I don’t), but I wasn’t going to any unnecessary money before I was confident I could.  We had our stay home order extended another two weeks into May, so I’ll have some time to get some things accomplished.  I hope our governor knows what she’s doing… construction doesn’t like sitting idly by like this.  Getting things cranked up gets messier the longer stoppages go on… but that’s a worry for another day, long in the future.

For now, it’s another day on COVIDcation.  Humorously, I’ve always wondered what I’d do with a teacher’s schedule and a summer off*.  Two months is as close as I’ll ever get, and I like it.  Though I have a tough time getting out of my pajamas before noon…

*My friend, the Unironedman suggested in the comments that I “throw teachers some love” and that they “earn their holidays” with their hard work.  Folks, please don’t mistake my wanting to experience a teacher’s paid summer off to mean I don’t think they earn their living.  I’ve always wondered what it would be like is all.