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Decisions, Decisions… and A Bit Of Cycling Humor Through Strava

Saturday’s ride was going to be interesting.  I had a feeling my wife was a little crispy from Friday’s ride so I had to choose between easy:

Or comfortable and a little harder…

I chose a little harder, but more comfortable.  Anyone who tells you an aero bike with aero wheels isn’t any better than an old round tube bike with a good set of alloy wheels, well, they’ve never spent any time in the saddle of the aero bike.  The difference can be made up for with “want to”, but it takes a lot of it.

We rolled out and had a glorious ride on a fantastic day to be outside. We held an 18.5 mph average for 26 miles but my wife was cooked after that effort and we still had almost 14 miles to make it home.  We stopped three times after passing 26 miles, but she held on like a trooper. We finished with a 17.7 average.

And then, going through my Strava feed, a friend who happens to be a beast on a bicycle, we call him the Watt King, commented on another friend’s ride about seeing him on the road and chasing him down though he was really struggling at that point.  Once he sees someone up the road, he simply must chase the cyclist down.  Seriously, Watt King.

He went on to comment about his inability to turn off that drive to chase another cyclist.  Chase mode.  I can relate, though nobody will ever call me Watt King.  I’m more like Baron von Watt… of Flint.  Michigan.  Anyway… I added,

I’m the same way. Drives [my wife] nuts when I get into chase mode. I’m no greyhound, more like an English bulldog, but whatever. Chuckle.

For those not in the know (I wasn’t, I had to look it up), the Baron is at the bottom end of the hierarchical food chain.  Thus, the English bulldog; determined, yes, but chubby and with short legs that limit the speed capabilities of said pooch.

Later, I went and played tennis with my daughters.   Two months, I’ll be 50… and I can still hang.  COVIDcation just keeps getting better.  Oh, I could participate in all of the angst and scariness but there’s more than enough to go around.  In the end, there’s nothing I can do about any of it except enjoy the day I’ve been given.

So I do.  I love my recovered life.