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The Best Non-Cycling Cycling Socks I’ve Ever Worn


My little brother is a teaching professional tennis player in Georgia, USA.  He’s also a firefighter and paramedic, because being a tennis pro is great but a little less than fulfilling for a grown man with three kids and a grandbaby.  Anyway, through tennis, he has considerable contacts for apparel and shoes.  He had me for Christmas this year and all I asked for was a red and black cycling cap but he sent along a pair of Swiftwick socks along with a bad@$$ Castelli cap.

Folks, I’ve got the best in wool sockwear and Swiftwick socks are, amazingly, better.  They quickly became my favorite go-to socks for cycling and everyday use.  They’ve got men’s and women’s cycling covered, though their cycling socks don’t appear to be any different than their everyday use socks.  They’ve got most other sports covered as well with everything from zero to seven inches at the ankle (for the long sock people).  I’m partial to the four but the five and seven have their uses.

Anyway, especially if you live in a cooler climate, check out Swiftwick.  They aren’t cheap, but they feel spectacular on your feet.  I couldn’t possibly be happier with mine.




  1. Sheree says:

    I’ll check these out.

  2. lampenj says:

    I bought a pair of knee high wool socks for winter riding a couple of years ago and loved them so much I bought two more pairs of knee high cotton socks for spring/fall riding (I like them for weather in the 50’s instead of wearing cycling pants). I think they are fantastic with only one complaint that their XL BARELY fits a size 13 foot. But, those are common problems with a size 13 foot 🙂

    • bgddyjim says:

      I’m an 11 and the Large is a little snug… I’ll have to upsize. Thanks for that, brother! Never know when you’ll help someone else out. Thanks for commenting.

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