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The COVIDcation Mo Miles Diet Plan

I lost twelve pounds in the last month and a half. Twelve. And I haven’t exactly been pushing myself away from the table early, either. I’ve been intelligent about eating, of course, but the vast majority of my success is due to a whopping increase in mileage.  I started the year more than 100 miles in the hole after two months, but with the freedom afforded by COVIDcation-2020, I’m now 500 miles to the good.

Sadly, this paints a poor picture with a broad brush.  One would be mistaken if one assumed that all we have to do is ride a bunch of miles and weight will fall off.  It doesn’t quite work that way if it is close.

First, we have to define just how many miles we’re talking about here.  My definition of a decent month is 1,000 miles in a month, or about 250 a week (1,610 km & 402 km respectively).  That’s what it took to drop 12 pounds in a month and a half.  If I go by reality vs. virtual (or reality vs what the “apps” say), I look at banking on maybe 60% of the calories my fitness trackers say I’m burning.  I figure I’m burning between 10,000 and 12,000 calories a week while my fitness trackers are telling me about 15,000 to 16,000.  10,000 to 12,000 calories a week works out to almost 3 pounds a week.  That would be 18 pounds over the 6 weeks, but we have to figure I’m eating a little extra to fuel the effort… and that gets me to the 12 pounds I actually lost – figure a third would be lost toward extra fuel.

Better, I wasn’t eating tofu, greens, carrots and cucumbers.  I was eating food, however moderately.  Should I have been a little more careful with my diet, I could have done better on the scale.  This would have presented its challenges, of course.  To ride at the speeds I do, you can’t do it on veggies alone (or you kind of can, but it takes a lot more effort than I’m willing to put into it and it’s not a very effective or healthy way to live – not in the long run).  Also, where’s the fun in tofu, greens, carrots and cucumbers?!  Pass the pizza.

In any event, unlike the vast majority of COVIDcationers, I’m happy to have come out of my vacation much lighter and slimmer than when I started.  The Mo Miles Diet Plan works wonders, provided it’s implemented wisely.  If I’d have gone to the trough with a sense of freedom to eat as I pleased because I was riding a bunch of miles, I’d have been deeply disappointed after putting in 1,640 miles on a bicycle only to end up fatter than when I started.