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Fifteen Pounds of Awesome, Baby!

I took my Venge in for an official weighing at the shop. I had to pick up a chain for an old, heavy Fuji I fixed up for a guy at work, and I’m trying that carbon Selle Italia SLR again so an official weighing seemed apropos.

The SLR saddle is barely 100 grams. Next to the Romin that came on the bike, it’s a lightweight – a savings of 174 grams, give or take. So the last time I had that saddle on the Venge, I just don’t think I gave it a fair shake. And did I mention 174 grams?

So the official weight of the bike, with pedals, cages and my Garmin Varia and Edge mount (because I forgot to take the Garmin accessories off) is 16.35 pounds. 266 grams for the pedals, 56 for the cages, 79 grams for the Varia and mount and another 20 for the Edge mount… and the official weight is a hair under 15.5 pounds (bike weight never includes pedals, cages and accessories).

Which is absolutely badass.

The bike, brand new when I brought it home in 2013 was 18.8 pounds (with pedals and cages, if memory serves). I dropped the most weight on the wheels, the crank upgrade, the drivetrain upgrade from 105 to Ultegra, the stem, the brakes, the cassette, the chain, pedals, cages and chainrings.

In that order. Ahem

It’s not exactly Tour de France worthy, but it’s damn close for a fella with a budget.

Every time I look at that bike, I can’t help feeling thankful. I laid cash on the counter for that sexy beast. Before I sobered up, I had trouble keeping gas in my car. That’s a long way to climb and the journey has been spectacular.


  1. Jeremy Alan says:

    It is a good looking bike!

  2. That’s 7.4kg loaded, pretty damn good for an aero bike! I’d wager MANY of the pro’s current top-spec disc brake equipped aero bikes come in around that.

    Oh and what 100 gram saddle is that? I think I might need one… 🙂

    • bgddyjim says:

      It’s a Selle Italia SLR Carbon Tekno Flow… and you’re exactly right about the weight on the aero bike… I’m quite stoked about that, really.

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