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A Few Funnies from Power Line’s Week in Pictures

I struggled over writing a post this morning. This never happens after a great Saturday… I did a 100k with friends, got the grass cut, and played tennis with my daughters for a couple hours. It was a full, fantastic Saturday.

I should have the words pouring out. But they’re not… so I’m taking a mental health day… I’m bent about the handling of the COVID-19 response by our governor and it’s infecting my good mood and nature… so I need to fix me today.

That said, these made me laugh out loud yesterday


  1. joliesattic says:

    Good ones and I get it. I, too, have been flattened inspirationally (one L or two L’s or none at all?) . But, you’ll like this, when I got home from our hike today, I got a text asking me to join a group and their cause to force major corporations and their billions to pay for “our” rents and mortgages throughout the Coronavirus crisis! I texted back, “Nope! If someone wants to help, great, but no one should be forced to do so, besides they have mortgages too” I wish I’d thought to say more, but I guess even just “NOPE” would have been good enough. The gall that there are people out there with that mentality!

  2. Saoirsek says:

    I like that pie chart, it’s ok to all 3

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