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Back to What Matters In Life and Recovery.

It’s an interesting time in Michigan. I am not a fan of how our state government is handling our lock down. I can’t even listen to the governor’s press releases anymore – not if I’m going to do my part to “help flatten the curve”, even if the curve is flattened already, but I digress.

I did a lot better when I wasn’t paying attention to what was going on. Of course, the government was paying me to stay home, so all the more reason to tune out for a bit and enjoy the time with my family. Now that the money has run out because I was called back to work, I’m back to paying attention again. I can tell you, ignorance was bliss.

Recently, at a protest on the State Capitol, some ignorant protesters entered the capitol building with firearms, open carry style.  This is perfectly legal, of course, but unnecessary.  That said, local politicians took to the airwaves to denounce what happened, stating firearms should never be used as a means of intimidation, that people should always be allowed to do their jobs.

This was two days after our governor sent six State Police Troopers to intimidate and arrest a 77-year-old barber for the seditious act of cutting hair.  And the reason the governor sent the State Police is because the Shiawassee County Sheriff refused to enforce her order because she’s trying to circumnavigate Congress per the law.  Then, the judge wouldn’t hear the case so the barber was let free.  So the governor revoked his barber’s license.

Two months is all its taken to sink to that.  What I’d like to know is why does the state get to intimidate its people, but putting the shoe on the other foot is beyond the pale?

Now I’m forced to get back on the saddle at work and I’ve found myself struggling. I’m forgetful and the best way I can put it is I lost my edge whilst trading between my couch and bike saddle on COVIDcation.

While last week was rough trying to get back to work, a lot of good happened.  I attended a couple of meetings, rode every evening last week… and good things happened at work, too; we’re starting to ramp up our jobs and we’ve got a lot of orders being fulfilled.

And the weekend was fantastic!  A great 100k Saturday and a tremendously lucky 33 mile ride on Saturday that had us pull in the driveway minutes before the sky opened up – I hadn’t even gotten in the shower yet.

But I can’t help feel like I lost a step at work.  I need to get back up to speed and in a hurry.  I’ve gotta make some changes to get my jump back. 

Now all I have to do is figure out how to do it.  That’s next.


  1. joliesattic says:

    It usually takes about a week to accept the return and get your “sea legs” back. You can do it! You’re a survivor, remember? You’ve overcome so much worse and lived to tell the story and encourage others. I believe in you!

  2. Sheree says:

    I think it’s the inconsistent messages that quite rightly seem to upset people. Obviously, response differs from State to State, country to country because what’s appropriate for areas of low population is quite different for urban ateas where individuals are more cheek by jowl. Plus, of course, ask any six « experts » you’ll get a different answer from each one.

  3. JustI says:

    Those in my department that didn’t work remotely continued to take extra leave, and with Memorial Day coming, there will be many taking the Friday before to extend to a 4-day weekend. I spent 6 weeks working remotely, and the thought of having a stay-cation at home isn’t so appealing. I almost feel good getting in the car and driving somewhere… even if its to work 🙂

  4. I did see that I saw that storming of the government building in Michigan. It was pretty big world news. While I certainly don’t agree with what they did and the way they handled themselves, isn’t that partly the purpose behind American’s right to firearm ownership? To keep the government in check!

    Hope you get your “work legs” back! 🙂

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