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Just What the Doctor Ordered, 70° and Sunny, and Enough Time To Ride a Bad Attitude Out.

I wrote, over the last few days, that I’ve been struggling with a bit of a bad attitude… and I’ve been working since on fixing it. Actually, correcting that attitude may be a better way to put it. The bad attitude was a reaction to outside issues that I have no control over but I have to own that reaction… allowing it to effect me is an inside job, just like happiness.

Anyway, the day was set up for perfection. After a lot of rain over the last couple of days, we had a day so perfect, I almost couldn’t wrap my head around the perfection – the sunshine simply doesn’t get that crisp and clear in Michigan (unless it’s well below freeing and it’s so cold snot you didn’t even know was there freezes instantly in your nose when you walk out the door). Yesterday was a perfect 70°, though (that’s 21 C) with a fair, but gusty breeze out of the east (that would be pushing at the non-drive side of my bike, below). I had an 11 am meeting for a big job we’ve got fairly close to my house, so after the meeting I headed out to get some lunch, then came back to walk the job and check on things, then headed home to work from there till it was time to ride.

Well, just before it was time to suit up, I decided to take a few pictures of the bikes in the backyard for a later post. You can see in the photos below, barely, there’s a new pond to the left and ten feet behind my bike (3 meters). Monday, there was a small stream running from my overflowed real pond in the background to that new pond.

After my little photo shoot it was time to suit up and ride. The weather was glorious. A little windy, but with sunshine like that and a decent temperature, I didn’t much care about a breeze. I rolled out with the idea of just enjoying the ride. I decided to take a few photos along the way – something I haven’t done in a while. The stream below is up a couple of feet, but you can see, the widespread flooding in our state didn’t hurt us too bad. West and north of us, now that’s a different story. The flooding up in Midland made the world news.

The evening was so nice, I had to keep riding. My normal loop just wasn’t enough and I had some time to blow, especially as I was just out for a cruise. I even tried to refrain from looking at my Garmin so I wouldn’t be spurred to up my pace. I was clear across town and just about to head home when I saw my first evidence that we did indeed have some flooding:

There were a few families going to have a difficult time getting their cars out of the driveway for a couple more days – you can see two (driveways) underwater in this shot. You can also see the watermark on the road where the water started creeping over.

The last four of five miles were all tailwind and I’d timed it perfectly to make my bandit AA meeting and order pizza from a nearby Italian restaurant that I love. We had some pizza in the parking lot and talked a lot of recovery… and as the meeting went on, my resentments faded to the background where I could finally let them go.

I breathed a sigh of relief as my shoulders lowered just a little from not having that weight on them. After the meeting, I drove home and went directly to bed.

I slept like a baby. And that’s as it should be.