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New Wheel Day Has Finally, After Much Consternation And Agitation, Arrived


It wasn’t easy getting here. A SNAFU led to my wheelset getting lost between Ican’s US warehouse and UPS. I checked the tracking number several days in a row, getting the same message, that the label had been generated and a shipping date would be available as soon as the package arrived at UPS. I was supposed to have my wheels five to eight days after I placed my order and sent my first email on the fifth day. Ican’s representative, took a day to get back to me, but once she did, everything moved into high gear.

My wheels arrived last evening. I’ve always believed a company is best judged by how they do in difficult times – anyone can look good when things go well – and Ican really came through on this one.

Being out in the sticks does have its disadvantages. UPS typically doesn’t get around to our neck of the woods until late in the evening, usually between 7 & 9 pm. This little problem, contrasted against the hundreds of miles of quiet, paved country roads to ride on, is chicken scratch, as they say.

I went for my normal afternoon ride knowing I had hours before I had to worry about UPS showing up. My normal riding buddy was late getting out of work so I headed out for some bonus miles – I ended up with 17, on the nose, sitting in his driveway.

We rolled out, easy at first, but the pace picked up heading into a decent headwind. I was on my Trek with the 38 mm Ican wheels – it’s a vastly improved bike with those wheels. The pace was hot, above 20-mph, so there wasn’t much time for rest. It was getting close to 6 pm and I knew my wife would be getting hungry. The eldest daughter was at work and the younger had a function to attend to, so it was going to be just the two of us for dinner. I left Chuck and headed home, passing by my lovely wife taking my daughter to that function.

Five miles and fifteen minutes later I was in my driveway. Fifteen minutes after that, my wife was home and I was showered and ready to go.

I left a note on the door for the UPS man to slide my package into the backseat of my vehicle and lock the door and we were off to pick up dinner. We have a bald eagle’s nest a few miles from our house so we decided to take our dinner to the nest and eat it there. We watched the mama, a full grown female (she’s freaking huge) fly off and return with a rabbit in its talons for the little ones. Friends, it’s like the Mutual of Omaha just up the road from our house (you’ll have to be pretty old to get that reference).

On returning home just after 8, my Ican Fast & Light 50 wheels were in the back of my vehicle. They’re very light, slightly lighter than my 38’s, and they’re beautiful. A better aerodynamic cross-section than the 38’s and 2 mm wider, they should be as good or better in the wind. They’re also, sadly, tubeless ready, so that means the fit is TIGHT. They’re the toughest wheels I’ve ever wrestled tires onto, but I got it done.

So today will, assuming I didn’t pinch a tube putting everything together last night (I didn’t, just checked), will be my first day on the new wheels. We’ve got a 100 k adventure planned for today. We’ll be exploring some new roads we’ve wanted to investigate for some time. More later, but for now, they’re phenomenal. Here’s a completed photo from early this morning:

UPDATE: Oh, my… they’re fantastic. More tomorrow.


  1. Eliza says:

    I’m glad they’re here at last

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