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New Wheel Day, 100 KM’s With Friends



Before I get into this post, I have an apology to make to my friends who are left out from these little rides.  I hate this part of the pandemic.  I have no doubt that, were I to post our rides through the normal text messaging system, we’d end up with 30 cyclists showing up to some of these rides.  Some would be okay with this, others would rather take their toy and go home than be caught in a group so big – and then there are the health ramifications of riding with everyone (if there are ramifications to begin with, there are those in the medical field who say not even a little bit).

Either way, there are going to be hurt feelings and for that, I apologize profusely and repeatedly.  I have no doubt I’ll have some face-to-face amends to make, concerning who was invited and who wasn’t, when this is all over and they will be made.  I would prefer we not have to worry about any of this $#!+ but that’s about as likely as hoping unicorns will save us evil (pronounced E-E-E-vil-l-l).  Sounds great but it won’t work out so well in the wash.  Know this; I hate having to pick, as you would.

That was the salad.  Now on to the meat and potatoes!  The new Fast & Light 50’s are nice.  No weight penalty over the 38’s I had on the Venge before, and they’re unquestionably sharp.  They felt a little faster but more research is necessary.  A lot more.  They were a little twitchy in a crosswind, but once you start getting into that kind of dept in the wheel, you would expect a little “twitchy”.  They weren’t bad and it was nothing I couldn’t get used to in one ride.


We rolled out in stellar conditions.  A little on the cool side after a late spring cold front blew through the night before and it was a little on the breezy side, but with plentiful sunshine, I realized I’d overdressed with arm and knee warmers pretty early on (mid-50’s or 13 C).

What ensued was one of the most enjoyable 100 k’s I’d ever ridden.  The route we picked was stellar with two places to add miles if desired.  The pavement was fantastic the whole ride with new asphalt or worked in chip-seal over much of the 63 miles.


Folks, if anything this year is allowed to feel “normal”, this ride did.  It was just like good old times with laughs and great attitudes.  I’d dare say a great time was had by all.


We rolled into the driveway with 63-1/2 miles and happy hearts.  New wheel day was absolutely wonderful.  As good as they get.  After a wonderful lunch and a great nap while the kids were tuning up for next year’s swim season at a friend’s lake, I cut the grass…

Then, my wife got the bright idea, for Sunday Funday I should get the tandem ready for service.  It’s been quite some time, last season, since we’ve ridden the tandem… and, being honest, I looked for a few reasons to object but couldn’t find any.  It was really a fantastic idea.  I’ve been thinking the last couple of weeks we should spend more time on the tandem.  I spent the last couple of hours of the day getting the bike ready for service today.  Cleaned up, drivetrain nice, tidy and lubed up, brakes checked, and all of the cobwebs gone.

Now that’s a full day!

Dinner was fantastic, and I slept even better.


  1. Super jealous! You’ll get used to handling the deeper rims in crosswinds. If I can stay upright on 60’s you’ll be fine! 😆

  2. limetwiste says:

    The scenery where you cycle is gorgeous.

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