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The Best Day for a Bike Ride I’d Ever Seen… And We Made the Most of It.

The weather report couldn’t be right, I thought. Light breeze out of the northwest, 60° at the start, a high of 76° (15 & 24 C respectively), and abundant sunshine. We get some decent weather in Michigan, but that’s asking a lot for a peninsula.

The weather report was even better when I woke up. No wind for the first few hours, then a gentle northwest breeze picking up as the day went on.

We rolled out with a goal for a 75 miler for my wife and Mike. Chuck and I had a loftier goal of 100.

Without gushing on, it was one of the most enjoyable rides I’ve ever had the pleasure of being a part of. We didn’t see our first clouds till 10:58 am.

We had an 18.8-mph average when that photo was taken. I was thoroughly pleased with how Mike and my wife were riding. Mrs. Bgddy did require a 5-hour Enery at the 45-mile mark, though.

By the way, if you ever find yourself struggling, throw down a 5-hour Energy and hold onto your butt.

I think, in the whole 100 mile ride, we had less than seven miles of questionable road conditions. Not sketchy, by any stretch, just “less than ideal”.

Chuck and I split off from my wife and Mike near the 68 mile mark and headed north to add on what we needed to make our century. Our pace picked up. Into the wind we were better than 20-mph and cruising. I’d chosen the Venge for the day and with the new wheels and my old saddle back in place, the bike is simply spectacular. We stopped in town at a Subway for lunch and took our food to a picnic table out back on the Flint river.

After a much needed break we rolled out again and picked up on our pace. Our average slowly ticked up from 18.8 to 19.2, where it stayed.

Chuck and I said our thank yous and goodbyes and I rolled into the driveway with 101.4 miles… a perfect (meaning laughable) cycling tan and a smile that I wore the rest of the day.

After cutting some grass, I went and played some tennis with my girls (though I was a little slow moving). We had a simple (late) dinner and I was out for the count. I even managed to sleep in (!).

Just 43 miles planned for today, Sunday Funday on the tandem again. And it’s my wife and my 23rd wedding anniversary.

Good times and noodle salad. There’s no place I’d rather be.