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At Least I’m Consistent… Miles, Weight Loss, Good Food and Happiness


I couldn’t have written my fitness and mileage for the 2020 season any better – everything else, well that’s a different story!  I started off slow, but I picked up steam with the lock down and COVIDcation 2020.

April – Full COVIDcation, didn’t work a day:                                  1,062 miles.

May – Back to work, but fantastic weather meant:                       1,060 miles.

June – More fantastic weather, but busy!  Still:                              1,058 miles.

At least it’s consistent!

I dropped 10 pounds in April.  Another three in May and another couple in June.  Best part is it’s been fairly easy.  I haven’t much changed what I’ve been eating, though I have changed how much.  The truth is, I got used to eating just a little too much.  And, if I’m being honest, enjoying eating just a little too much (there are two possible meanings in that simple sentence.  Yes, to both).  I’ve simply had to stop it and, with an ideal increase in mileage, the weight’s come off.

The way I see it, I’ve got about ten to go over the next three months.  If I can do that, I’ll be right where I want to be going into winter… the only trick being watching what the hell I’m eating over winter.  Typically, that’s not gone so well.


  1. unironedman says:

    Surely the whole point of Winter is put on the pounds we worked so hard to lose in Summer?

  2. limetwiste says:

    Way to go with mileage and weight👍

  3. well done my friend

  4. Sue Slaght says:

    Definitely consistent mileage Jim. Good for you on the dedication to riding and good health. always modeling the way for all of us.

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