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Halo Skewers are a Greater Improvement to Ride Quality than Carbon Fiber Wheels. No, I’ve Not Lost My Mind…

August 2020

I’ve got 50,000 miles on alloy wheels and another 20,000 on carbon fiber wheels in the last eight or nine years. This isn’t all that impressive, pros ride 70,000 miles in three years. Maybe four.

But, my friends, I pay attention to how each of my bikes is feeling, be it my 5200, my Venge, Diverge, Rockhopper, or Co-Motion, like I’m going to write about it. Because I am. My bikes are paid the attention of an avid enthusiast.

When I switched from an excellent alloy wheel to a decent carbon wheel, I noticed the difference immediately – and wrote about it here. It’s the same difference going from an alloy frame to carbon fiber. Carbon fiber eats up road chatter, subdues it, kicks its ass, and spits it out. Not as well as steel, but at a fraction the weight, it’s the best compromise there is in cycling. And carbon fiber frames last longer than steel if properly cared for.

Halo skewers make that much of an improvement, more, upgrading from a standard quick release.

They’re considerably lighter than a decent quick release skewer, too.

Now, you’ll have to keep an allen key on you or in your saddle bag, but, to me that inconvenience is mountainously overshadowed by the fact that a thief can’t pop a quick release and walk off with your wheels, and the improvement in ride quality is, unquestionably fantastic. It’s as close as you can get to a thru axle without buying a new bike.

So, here’s where the rubber meets the road. Without the cam action, the skewer gets a better “tight”. This means road imperfections are absorbed by the tires rather than transferring to the frame through the quick release… as tight as you can get them, the cam action screws the system up. The hex key screw fixes that flaw in the system.

And here’s the real kicker: a set costs between $18 & $22.

Check them out. Google “Halo hex key skewer”. The XL set is for newer 135 mm rear disc hubs. The standard set works on 130/131 mm rim brake bikes.

As you can see, I’ve already got a set for the ’99 Trek and ’13 Venge and after passing the 50+ mph test last week, I ordered a set for my wife as well.

If a product makes it to my wife’s bike, I simply can’t put a better stamp of approval on it than that. She only gets the good stuff after I’ve thoroughly put it through the Tuesday Night Club Ride ringer.


  1. Did some Googling, looks like they come in some fancy colours too!

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