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Where I’m At After Vacation


August 2020

It was a slow start to August, mileage wise, but that was by design. I had a goal, January First, of 6,000 outdoor miles. I’ve got 635 to go. That’ll be 535 after today. I was ready for a bit of a break after four straight 1,000+ mile months.

I believe I may have been a bit overtrained. Still, my wife and I rode most days, we just didn’t do any long rides – we had plenty of other fun things to do on vacation, like boating and swimming… and eating!

Since coming back last Saturday, though, it’s been a straight diet of miles. We did a century last Saturday and we’re out for another this morning and all is well.

The important thing overall, however, is I’m happy. I’ve had a lot more temptation to drink over the last week but my reaction kicked in like a steel trap, just as it should. I have a daily reminder pop up that says, “Do you still think you’re in charge of your character defects?”

The short answer is, I’m not. They’ve been given to my Higher Power, so when they pop up, I know just where they belong – and temptation is just like any other defect. If I ask for it to be removed from me, it’s gone. Instantly. This takes faith and practice, but it works, and that’s all a recovered drunk can ask for. Well, that, peace and contentment, and I have it all.

Work is going well and we’re very busy.

And my wife and I just celebrated the big 25 years together (together, not married – that’ll be in a couple of years). Folks, as that goes, it’s as good as it gets. Peace, contentment, happiness, faith and hard work.

Certainly more than a drunk deserves. Just about right for a recovered one. It is, after all, promised… if we work for it.

Make it an awesome day. I have to get the Venge ready!


  1. Eliza says:

    25 years is major!!!

  2. Congrats to you both! Wishing you another 25+ years of happy miles together. 🙂 Enjoy the ride!

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