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How to EASILY Install a Stubbornly Tight Bicycle Tire on a Rim… No Muss, No Fuss, and No Special Tools Needed.


September 2020

I bought some new rubber my wife’s Alias. For Ican wheels, the first seating of a brand new tire tends to be difficult. I’ve often resorted to using a tire jack rather than risk ripping my thumbs at the nails again (yes I have, and yes, it hurts).  Once the tires are ridden on for a couple of weeks, putting them on and taking them off is much easier.

Well, I was determined to muscle them on my wife’s wheels without tools yesterday.  However, I chose to set up shop outside, even though I normally work on the bikes in the living room or our bike room. Somebody shut summer off summer the other day and it was quite comfortable with some cloud cover.

The first tire was tough, but I surprised myself when I rolled the last few inches over the lip. I cleaned up her wheel and installed in on the bike. Then came the second, the rear tire. I opened and set the new tire on the grass, then set about removing the old tire from the wheel. I looked up as the clouds parted and sun shone down. The increased warmth was nice. Not too much, just enough. After removing the tube from the old tire, I centered the new tire’s logo on the valve hole and set the first bead. Then the tube.  Then I started the second bead. I was sweating under the heat of the sun by this point.  I got to the last six inches and prepared myself… and slipped the bead right over the lip.  Easy as an alloy wheel.

Then it dawned on me why it was so easy.

I’d let the tire sit out in the sun for a few minutes and it softened up and expanded a little bit. It slid on like I’d buttered it without touching my KoolStop tire jack.



  1. unironedman says:

    So, sunshine then? Well that’s of absolutely no use to me!!! 😉

  2. joliesattic says:

    Good idea to let them warm and soften.

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