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Cycling On A Road Trip With My Soulmate… Just Doesn’t Get Better Than That.


September 2020

Yesterday’s cycling festivities were quite special. Our family is upstate to visit my wife’s mom and stepdad. There are a lot of dirt roads up this way and the in-laws live on dirt so typically we bring mountain bikes (or gravel since we bought those). I’m not ready for dirt yet, though. I can’t bring myself to ride on dirt until October or November, so we brought the road rigs.

We woke up to an unexpected rain shower (in typical Michigan fashion, we had a 15% chance of rain in the morning when I checked at 10-pm), so we held off and had some breakfast instead. Then came Euchre… lots of Euchre (a very fast-paced card game with four players paired as partners – we always play boys against girls).

The showers came to an end by noon and we were dried up by 1-pm, so we loaded the truck and headed to the end of their road to start on pavement. I’d devised a nice 36-mile upside-down hockey stick route. Plain and simple, and with decent shoulders on the roads most of the way.

We started in sunshine but by the time we’d gotten to Houghton Lake, it was clouding up and beginning to look ugly. Mrs. Bgddy asked if we could turn around rather than complete the loop. After stopping to check the sky, I agreed. We turned and beat a retreat for home.

We lost a lot of average messing around in Houghton Lake, dropping from 19.8-mph (32 kph) to 18.3 and only managed to recover four tenths of that on the way home. That said, the ride was quite spectacular and we pulled into the parking lot as the clouds started spitting again with 32 miles.


always feel blessed and fortunate being able to ride with my wife, and at a pace we can both enjoy. We didn’t burn up any tarmac, but the ride wasn’t short on laughs and smiles, either… and the fresh air so far away from everything was just glorious.

Good times and noodle salad, friends.


  1. Man, I really enjoyed reading this post, bro. It was like I was right there riding along with you. Keep up the writing!

  2. Euchre!!!! I need to introduce my girlfriend to that game. It was a college favorite (I went to a college where partying was forbidden) and we played a ton of cards. Lisa and I play a lot of mexican train dominoes, though, another fun game.

    And no dirt until October? Say it isn’t so!

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