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Geeky Road Bike Stuff… From A Fairly Scientific Aero / Traditional Bike Comparison to Tire Pressure.


September 2020

First, my personal favorite: My Tasmanian brother from another cycling mother did a fairly scientific comparison of his Canyon Aeroad and his new Trek Postal Edition 5200. As you might imagine, with my own 5200, I’ve written about the difference between my Venge and 5200 extensively. I’ve experienced similar results but the Tempocyclist takes it on leap further. For your reading enjoyment:

If that wasn’t enough, my buddy, Dave sent out a link to one of the geekiest tire pressure videos I’ve ever had the enjoyment of watching. I can summarize the core of the 30-minute video in 30 seconds: You’re riding with too much air in your tires. Stop it. Let some air out of your tires till your ride becomes smooth. If/when you start bouncing during a sprint, you’ve gone too far. Add 2% till you stop bouncing.  The other 29 minutes and change is mashed potatoes and gravy next to the roast beef.

The full video is here:


  1. kirkmtb says:

    Good advice. I tried to measure the difference between 20 and 30 psi in a mountain bike tyre by rolling down a section of trail. No pedaling so the only variable was tyre pressure. The time difference? Zero.

  2. So the big question – are you reducing your tyre pressures now? Pretty much all data says I should go lower and I know I should at least try, but mentally I just can’t go below 90psi.

    • bgddyjim says:

      I did 95 on the tandem’s 28-mm tires yesterday and it was quite nice. Very comfortable, still fast. I think I’ll keep it there for that bike. I’m the same way on my Venge… I’m at 95 on 26-mm Spec. Turbo Pro tires but I know I should be lower. Maybe some time this week I’ll take a minute to figure out where I should be on the Trek and Venge before I get bouncy…

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