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That’s A Wrap On Another Thousand Mile Month

My first thousand-mile month occurred in 2015. August, to be exact, and I was stoked. September of that year was my second. I had one in June of 2016 but that was all I could do. 2017 proved to be a bumper year for me with three – May, August and September. Thousand-mile months were old hat after ’16, I had five in ’18, May through September. A new job and longer hours meant fewer miles in ’19, but I still managed two thousand-mile months. This year, with COVIDcation, I’m back up to five (April, May, June, July, and September – a two-week vacation made August impossible, but fantastic)… and I wrapped it up in semi-dramatic fashion.

Monday was a washout, cold and raining. I could have ridden inside but I chose to maintain the stable instead. I was eight-and-a-half miles short going into Tuesday. We were showing a 15% chance of rain, the cutoff for riding my Specialized. The seven mile warm-up was not dry but not really wet, either. Call it moist. I was tempted, after the last mile of the warm-up, to roll for another mile-and-a-half to get my 1,000 for the month and split, but I chose to stick it out (this is so not like me).

The first two miles were damp to wet and I was seconds from turning around and heading home, but the sky ahead didn’t look as bad rather than spend the next two miles in the rain, I pressed on.

The rest of the ride was dry and about as enjoyable as I’ve had on a Tuesday night. We all had a blast and I pulled into the parking lot with 1,028 miles for the month.

So that’s about it for my season, really. I dusted off the gravel bike over the weekend and prepped it for duty and the mountain bike is ready to go. Now it’s time to enjoy the fruits of my season and take it easy for a couple of months until I start crushing it January First for the beginning of the 2021 season.

While it’s a little depressing that the days of short-sleeves and bibs are numbered, I do love this time of year. Now all of that “training” can relax for a minute and I can get down to just enjoying what days we’ve got left before the snow flies.

This has been a challenging year for many, but for me, I’ve had a fantastic time of it. And for that, I am thankful.

YTD: 6,783 miles outdoors. 7,744 overall. Only 400 to go to beat last year.