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Daily Archives: October 10, 2020

An Experiment In Saddle Width: Initial Findings Are… I Have a Narrow Keister

Friends, yesterday was new saddle day and new saddle day was good.

I won’t lie, I was expecting the worst and hoping for the best when I rolled out yesterday to pick up Chuck, my BRB, on my brand new Bontrager Montrose Pro Carbon 128-mm saddle. I was measured nine years ago and it was concluded I’m a 143 after starting on a 155 that had me in substantial pain. I was measured in a fairly upright position, though, and it’s suggested that the more aggressive the riding position, the more the hips rotate, the narrower the area of sit bone contact on the saddle. This hypothesis makes my experience make sense.

I took a few minutes to dial the saddle in before rolling and opted for a less stretched out, more forward position.

The first mile was… tenuous. Once I got my stride, though, every mile thereafter was better than the last till I pulled into my driveway giddy, with 27 miles and a happy heinie.

I am not a 143, either. It’s clear that, while a 143 can work, I’m better suited to something in the 138-125-mm range.  I have a narrow keister, to put it simply.

One thing is certain; that saddle is staying!  I can’t remember such an enjoyable ride on the Venge… a little tinkering and I just might forget it’s there.  And now, because I’m me, today will be the big test.  I’ve got a hundred miler on the docket for the day.  Because, you know, if you’re going to test something out, nothing is better than diving in headfirst, right?