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Bring In the Gravel Bikes!!! First Trainer Ride of the Winter Season…


October 2020

My friends, it’s a sad, sad day. We’re bringing the gravel bikes out this morning. And not because we’ve got some great new roads to explore (we do), but because it’s so cold out this morning, we don’t want to take the fast bikes out. The year is ending just like it started; cold. It’s not all bad, of course – I do enjoy this time of year. All of the records are in the books, the mileage count is where it’s at (good or bad – this year was absolutely good). Now it’s time to simply enjoy pedaling with my friends. In the cold (remembering, there aren’t bad rides in the cold, just bad gear).

Tomorrow’s prospects, if the rain holds off till we can get a ride in, look much better in terms of temperature. Road bikes for sure.

So, as the Title says, last night was my first postseason ride on the trainer. Riding on the hamster wheel wasn’t exactly necessary as much as it was convenient. It was windy and cold when I got home from the office and the temp was dropping rapidly – and it had rained just after I pulled into the driveway. It wasn’t exactly wet out but it was damp enough I didn’t want to psych myself up enough to don the entire cold weather wardrobe to ride outside. Just couldn’t do it. Plus, we had some exceptionally high winds the other day that ripped a piece of flashing off the garage, so I fixed it to avoid damage to the wood – I was running low on daylight.

So, Star Wars: The Last Jedi it was. With Mrs. Bgddy out with our youngest and the eldest at the football field for marching band, I cranked the Bose surround system and settled in for my 45 minutes. As it is with riding the trainer, there was a lot to be desired, but it was simple. No layers, no cold first couple of miles, no traffic… and my workout took an hour and a few minutes, from dressed to dressed and ready to go.

And so it is, the official start to my gravel bike cross-training season starts in an hour and a half from this post publishing.

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  1. joliesattic says:

    Cool. And, not in the literal sense.

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