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Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer: As the Narrative Crumbles, Governor Provides Proof Michiganders Need to Check Her Power In November


October 2020

I can’t take it anymore… Trigger (heh) Warning: Typically I try to leave politics alone because I just don’t want to be that guy. You immediately piss off half of everybody by taking a political stand one way or the other. Our governor is overstepping the bounds, though, and I’m not going to take it sitting down any longer. If you don’t appreciate the rare political post, please feel free to move along. Also, if you feel compelled to leave a comment, please keep it civil. Anything less will be deleted without reply or explanation as soon as I get around to it.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”****

Michigan’s Governor Gretchen Whitmer unconstitutionally used a 1940’s law to declare ongoing states of emergency every 28 days while ignoring a 1970’s law passed specifically to limit a governor’s power to do that. Michigan’s Supreme Court ruled unanimously that she should have gone by the 70’s law that involved Michigan’s legislature***. The ruling against the governor’s actions was what we would call “bipartisan” in politics, even if we aren’t supposed to think that way about justices. The governor dishonestly said the ruling was split 4-3 along party lines (there was a split on two other separate parts of the ruling).

Immediately after the ruling, The Gov. hit the airwaves to claim that her ill-gotten power and the orders put forth using that power were really good for another 21 days while she appealed the matter – time that could have been used working with the state legislature to pass laws “protecting Michiganders” was squandered. The Supreme Court then came out and let the Governor know she’d overstepped her bounds, yet again, that their ruling was to take immediate effect and any orders she’d issued were tossed out.

In the meantime, autumn temperatures and kids going back to school drove we Michiganders indoors. To be very clear, COVID is an indoor virus, it’s just not being reported that way because there’s no political benefit to common sense. Now, the article I linked to says cases will spike and a drop in relative humidity will be a factor as well, but that doesn’t begin to explain why the south was hammered so brutally over the summer. Humidity is high and brutal in the south (even in the airconditioned indoors). Covid ravaged the northern states in the early months of the spread until temps warmed up and we northerners started spending more time outdoors. Southern states seemed to escape the wrath of COVID at first. However, once temps started rising down south and southerners went indoors to escape the heat and humidity, their numbers exploded while ours dropped to a trickle. As temps cooled for fall and Michiganders have gone indoors again, the numbers are peaking again. Here’s a news flash; when the temps cool down in the south and people escape to the outdoors again, their numbers will drop.

Under that backdrop, our governor came out the other day with a chart that she claimed showed the rise in cases tied in with the Supreme Court’s decision. That notion is utter poppycock. Absolute folly. Technically, “malarkey” would be a better way to put it. In fact, I’d wager you’d have to either be named Gretchen Whitmer or be entirely ignorant of reality, charts and COVID-19 to believe what she claimed about the charts. Don’t take my word for it, either. Here’s the first chart (the first and third are most useful as an illustration to her delusion of grandeur).

Folks, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the trend beginning three weeks before the Supreme Court ruling.  The orders and rules had been in place since March, though sectors of the economy were opened up starting in mid-May (I was back to work in my office just a week into May when construction was opened up).  Better, look at the trend for the Midwestern States (to further illustrate my exact point, that COVID-19 is an indoor virus, because every midwestern state is following the same trend):

This corresponds with temps dropping and college kids, not grade schoolers or high schoolers, going back to school.  Grade and high schoolers are all  under strict protocols with social distancing and mask wearing just so they can be in school, across the state.

Now, why did I carve out grade and high schoolers?  College begins in late August.  Grade schools started right after or just before the 6th of September (not the end of August, though there may have been a few to start that early).  Everyone knows there’s a one-to-two-week lag in case spikes as it takes two to five days for symptoms to appear.  This has been common knowledge since March. Heck, call it five days (now, five days does coincide with the grade and high school kids going back to school).  This would mean those new infections began to rise almost a month before the Supreme Court stripped Empress Whitmer of her ability to keep her thumb on the state.  The important point is that our governor is a fantastic partisan and leader when she’s got all of the power and no accountability.  She’s shown herself to be terrible at actually governing anyone outside her infinitesimally narrow ideology. 

I’m almost done. I’m going to wrap this up with, tah-dah! the WHO, that showed up late to the useful party, but decided to play Captain Obvious by finally proclaiming lockdowns and shutdowns should not be the means of stopping the spread of the virus because doing so only makes poor people poorer.  Not surprisingly, our brilliant governor recently threatened the People of Michigan with another lockdown:

If you want your kids to have the prospect of in-person learning, if you want to stay back at work, if you want to keep your business open or make sure that businesses stay open, every one of us has to do our part.”

Governor Whitmer, I’m going to tell you something – I’ll continue to do my part, but you have to do yours as well, and so far, you’re doing a lot worse at your part than I am of mine.  You’re the governor of Michigan, not its ruler.  Try to be a little more like Rick Snyder or something.  Try to work with the legislature.  That’s the job, like it or not.  I’m not going on lockdown again.  I enjoyed the first vacation, and I’m quite glad you shilled for the unemployment checks, but I’m not going back.  You don’t have the power to impose it anyway, so stop the empty threats.

Also, while we’re on that, I’d like to know why you would threaten to make poor people poorer with another shutdown?  Maybe you could try to answer that at your next presser about “saving lives”.  Another shutdown would ruin an order of magnitude more lives than it would save.  

We know what we need to do and we all know there are treatments out there that are helping people recover (which is why fatalities are down – if you and Dr. J. aren’t aware of this yet, fear not, it’ll be reported on around November 4th or 5th).  Do us a favor and knock off the one-state dictator crap and quit primping for that cabinet spot on Biden’s administration.  Actually, wait, keep up with the preening because that’d be a win-win for sanity and rule of law in Michigan.  You’d be off in Washington, Garlin Gilchrist would become Governor, he would be horrible because he’s a full-on alt-left extremist true believer and he’d be overwhelmingly voted out in two years.

Now that I think about it, as you were.  

Lastly, the important part:  If you want to continue to be locked down and dictated to, then by all means, vote left for your state legislature, Michiganders.  If, however, you’re for sane governance, vote “along party lines” to keep the governor’s power checked by re-electing your Republican state reps and senators.  Governor Whitmer has clearly shown she doesn’t have what it takes to lead in America.  It’s quite plain to see she likes to rule rather than lead.  She’d be better off in a banana Republic.  

***Interestingly, most left-leaning media sources incorrectly state the Supreme Court decision was 4-3 along “party” lines. On two other issues, they were split. On the issue I detailed, it was unanimous. To report that the ruling was 4-3 is highly disingenuous but not surprising. Let’s just say it follows a pattern. One is only left to assume ignorance of those being reported to was the goal.

****The quote from Ben Franklin, “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” is said to mean the opposite that which it is commonly used, by some historians. I disagree, even in context of the tax dispute for which it was first uttered, but this post is long enough as it is. In this case, I used it to mean exactly as the words read.



  1. biking2work says:

    Well put Jim. Politicians really get on my wick with their antics. I don’t really follow US politics but you’re reporting the same errors of the clowns in charge here over here. Apart from never admitting error and learning from it, politicians will always spout the nonsense that suits their narrative, ignoring the advice that they get from the subject experts. Making the poor people poorer will end in disaster in the long term for health and the economy. Interesting point about the colleges returning too. Over here the initial 16-29 year old positive case spikes are now falling and the hospital admissions are rising in the 50-75+ population because they now have it and us oldies seem to be less resilient (apart from us fit ones! 😁). Less deaths though despite higher number of cases than March because we know how to deal with it way better than 6 months ago (maybe because clinicians are actually capable of using error to learn?). It’s gonna be a looong winter…

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