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Cycling on Friday Afternoon In the Midst of COVID; Our Best Excuse For Easy Miles

Surprisingly, COVID messed a few things up in a good way this year. My Thursday meeting went to Zoom and I added an in-person meeting outdoors in a parking lot on Wednesday. When it comes to meetings, face-to-face trumps hiding in the basement any day of the week and twice on Sunday, so it was easy to skip the Zoom meeting for the in-person one… which allowed me to ride with the gang on Thursday night.

This meant hard efforts on Tuesday and Thursday, followed by massive weekend miles on Saturday and a 40-50-mile jaunt on the tandem for Sunday. Monday, Wednesday and especially Friday naturally became “easy stroll” days for Chuck and I.

I also participated in more centuries than any previous year. Better, most of those centuries were with small groups. Most on Saturday. The last thing I need the day before a century is a hard day. That made Friday the perfect day for a relaxed ride around the block. Assuming a 20 to 25-mile block. I’d ride with my buddy, Chuck, almost every Friday and we’d spend the time catching up on what went on throughout the week in current events.

If I can manage 600 miles outdoors in the next two months (doubtful, it’s supposed to be a nasty winter), I’ll surpass my overall mileage for 2019 with outdoor miles. My indoor/outdoor total last year was 8,184 miles. I’m currently sitting on 7,526 outdoor miles for 2020.

There’s no question COVID was a disaster for the entire world, but in true “there’s good in everything”, depending on how you look at it, it was a great year for cycling in much of the United States.