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Daily Archives: November 5, 2020

A Night In The Dirt, Flyin’ Solo

Michiganders have their “Indian summer”. Yesterday, while it was breezy, the sun was brilliant and the temperature was nothing short of stellar at a balmy 74°. A glorious evening for a bike ride. I readied my gravel bike to roll at 4:30 but left my headlight on the bike room work bench. I figured I had plenty of time…

With a strong south wind, I rolled out dead into it trying to remember that the ride home would be glorious. I just took my time and let my mind go. The whole election is a bummer for me – business will be more difficult, and I really enjoyed the last four (from a business perspective, of course, we’ve never had it so good in construction) and I just needed to let it all go.

I rolled into the wind with a decent cadence and found a sweet spot where I was making great progress with surprisingly little effort – and the dirt roads were in spectacular shape… until I hit Hogan. Hogan was recently grated so it was a little slippy. My once perfect sweet spot went out the window and I had to find another one a little slower. It wasn’t all bad, though. The setting sun was spectacular.

Hold up…  Sunset… I’m on the way out and that’s the photo… I knew I was going to run out of daylight if I went the long way.  I changed my plan, lamenting having left my headlight on the work bench.  They don’t make nights like this in November.

I decided on, basically, an out and back route and picked up the pace a little bit.  It was a struggle into the wind, but it was good work nonetheless.  The only thing on my mind was turning the pedals and enjoying my surroundings.  I realized I’d yet to be passed by a car more than nine miles into my ride.  God, I love that about dirt roads.

I turned around, having reached pavement, for the return ride home.  

Friends, “spectacular” doesn’t quite get it for the return trip.  I put the hammer down and took it to the barn, rolling up the driveway just before light faded into the horizon and the dark overtook.  I spent the rest of the evening feeling pretty awesome about me… and that led to a breakthrough at a meeting last night.  I realized there were a few things I stopped doing that have a profound affect on my happiness, including taking a small inventory of the day’s events (more important, how I handled them) before turning in at night.

I have no doubt, without the calming effect of that fantastic evening ride, I’d have missed the vastly more important breakthrough at the meeting.