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One Last Blowout Cycling Weekend for 2020

I could go on and on about the weather this week.  We paid for it, of course, and up front.  We went through three brutal weeks with temps 10 to 20° below normal, gray and nasty, to get to the last few days, but we’re in the midst of some spectacular weather.  Sadly, there is a light at the end of this tunnel and it is a train.  Wednesday, we go back to normal.  Which is to say, below normal.

We knew this break in the bleak was coming and I was prepared.  I procured a day of hooky for Friday and took full advantage.  We had a fair bunch of friends to ride and ride we did.  Mike and my wife had grown accustomed to shorter rides so we planned a fair 37-mile course.

I simply didn’t go home when everyone else did.

I rode with Chuck to get him close to home and then made my way back home myself.  I ended up with a most excellent 50.  The first 29 miles were easy – one of the guys who doesn’t exactly take the best care of his bike(s) had his wheel on crooked and it wasn’t till we were 20 miles in that we realized he was effectively riding with his brakes on.  I fixed him up on the side of the road and the pace picked up after (and his heart rated dropped from 165 to 145… chuckle).

Chuck and I split off from the group and after a few miles of headwind, it was tailwind and good times for the next twelve glorious miles.  We talked about the state of the nation and fixed all of the problems dividing us in about five minutes (which is all it would take if politicians weren’t politicians – and Chuck and I both view a Dollar bill from opposite sides).

Chuck split for home and I had about six miles in a straight shot home.  Sadly, three of those were into the wind.  It wasn’t too horrible, though.  I just got down in the drops and trundled on.  I thought about adding another couple of miles with a longcut, but decided against it….

We’ve got a big ride planned for today.  More perfect weather and a tailwind all the way home.  If it gets better, I don’t know how.  It’s a great way to head into the snowy season.