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Daily Archives: November 9, 2020

Mid-season Miles In… November?! The Capper to the Last Blowout Weekend of 2020

Sunday Funday was the grand finale to the 2020 road season. This isn’t to say it’ll be the last road day, but it will unquestionably be the last week we’re able to put in mid-season miles – 238 for me this week.

My personal favorite aspect of the week was all of the cross-training: Trek (night ride, road), Diverge (gravel x2), Venge (road), Trek (road), Co-Motion tandem (road)… Six days, four different bikes = cross-training.

The funniest had to be riding the tandem yesterday. I was, in a way, pretty geared up about riding the tandem. It had been a while because we don’t ride road when it’s cold… Man, I forgot how much power it takes to get that bike down the road… and I wasn’t ready for it. We took the long way to meet the Gaines gang and rode with them for a dozen or so miles before splitting off on our own. My wife and I on the tandem, and Mike riding our wheel.

I was awesome and strong for about 40 miles but the long weekend wore on me. Unfortunately, that strong 40 still left us a little more than 7-1/2 miles from home and I could feel a bonk coming on. I leaned on my wife a little bit more than normal and match power with her.

That last stretch was pretty brutal after the long weekend, but we made it, and with smiles on our faces. After a shower, lunch and a fantastic nap, I made my way outside to tend to the last of the grass cutting and leave mowing for the year. We had steak, salad and mashed potatoes for dinner – it was, as one would imagine, spectacular.

I’ll be remembering this weekend come February when I’m longing for that first outdoor ride in March…