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Cycling in the Cold? Bring a Warmer Bike…

Saturday’s ride was a bit of a letdown. It was chilly, not quite freezing, but cold enough to bite riding into or getting hit by a crosswind. Worse, the faster you rode, the colder it felt. The slower I went, the colder I was from a lack of friction. It was kinda brutal, really.

I ended up with 27 miles and some change with the gang at just 13-mph.

I hatched a plan early Sunday morning. At 13-mph, there’s no doubt I could keep up on my mountain bike. With the extra effort required to keep the 29 x 2″ tires rolling, I’ll be working harder to go slower.

The only thing that could trip me up would be if one of the faster guys turned up on their gravel bikes… I figured I’d keep my gravel bike close and if one of them drove or rolled up, I’d switch pedals and roll out on the Diverge.

From a warmer time

Sure enough, Doc Mike pulled up… but he took is fattie out of the back of his SUV. I was pretty sure I could hang with him on that. So I wheeled the mountain bike out the door.

I had an absolute blast.

I was into that moderate zone where you can get a stretch of miles during which you feel you could go forever. And stayed relatively warm, call it comfortable, for almost the entire ride. We went for a few extra miles the long way to drop Mike off at his house and my wife was a horse to the barn all the way home. She was so fast I had to draft her to keep up.

We pulled into the driveway with 32 miles and a 13.8-mph average. The weather was cloudy and six degrees colder, 29 degrees (-1 C) than the day before, I dressed the same (literally the same getup from the day before, laundered of course) and I was vastly more comfortable the entire ride. Who knew? I didn’t need to dress warmer, I just needed to bring a warmer bike.

I know, Brent. I know.

2020: 8,229 miles outdoors, 9,422 overall.