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Embracing Trainer Season; A Thought on Perspective

I used to complain about trainer season quite a bit on this page. I’ve always been an outdoorsy kind of fella, but the cold just doesn’t agree with me like it used to. I once was big into skiing but I’ve had a change of heart over the years and developed a workable plan that makes the most out of the winter months, and my trainer. Better, I’ve actually come to enjoy trainer season – at least in the first month or two. By the time March rolls around I’ll be sick and tired of the trainer and ready for those first outdoor rides of the new year. I’ll feel a bit like a caged animal… those last two weeks between February 14th and March 1st feel like they take forever. But for now…

Winter is bad enough with the wind, cold, gray weather (late spring through early fall is pretty spectacular, but our winters are notoriously gloomy) but when you factor in that it’s dark shortly after five in the afternoon (it’s light till almost 10pm in the summer), the trainer becomes the easy option to get the legs to the springtime…

See, as we approach winter and the days shrink to “head to work in the dark, come home at dusk” and the cold descends from the north, riding outdoors becomes quite a bit more cumbersome. Charge the headlight, charge the taillight, charge the head unit, wool socks, tights, leg warmers, bibs, arm warmers, thermal jersey, wind jacket, gloves, hat, shoes, foot covers, then there’s the bike, then the shower afterwards just to warm back up for dinner… by the time I’m ready to eat it’s 8pm and I’ve gotta get to bed to start all over again. Or, get home, pop in a movie, bibs and tee-shirt, in the shower and ready for dinner at 6:30… and no bike cleanup.

Friends, every now and again I love a good outdoor night ride, but sometimes the trainer just sells itself.