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My Best Cycling November Yet… October, Too, For that Matter!

We rolled out Saturday morning, it was cold. Now, we’re not talking about your hyperbolic cold, either. We’re talking about below freezing cold… though it was spectacularly sunny, and we don’t get that too often in November. We opted for the skinny tire bikes – I missed riding the 5200 immensely so I lobbied hard for the road bikes. Normally, when it’s that cold we go for the gravel bikes because they’re naturally slower, so technically less cold. We save the go-fast bikes for warmer times.

Phill brought his gravel bike (a nice Airborne titanium rig) with road tires, but everyone else had their good carbon… my wife, Mike, Diane and Brad. I wanted to try to ride the Venge, but it was just too cold. I can’t wear foot or toe covers because of the pedal/crank arm interface (not enough room). I was plenty okay with my Trek, though (different pedals, different crank arms, much more clearance).

We rolled out into the wind – eight miles dead into it before we made a turn that gave us some crossing tailwind. Even then, it was only a respite of a few miles before we were back into it again. We were almost 20 miles into our ride before we got a break. That was it, though. We were heading home and all but one mile was tailwind.

Oh, how I missed those easy 22-mph miles! The ride home was a blast, well worth eating the wind to get out that far.

We rolled into Durand, I was up front leading the group and I had a few miles up front but I was going for the City Limits sign. My buddy, Mike went way early and I had to hammer to catch up to him. He let up when he saw a police car waiting for speeders. I hit the gas, trying for a speeding ticket. Sadly, after that long up front and at a pace meant to discourage anyone from wanting to come around me, I didn’t have enough in the tank to pass 28-mph. I broke the speed limit heading into town, but not by enough to make the officer look cross at me.

One day I’ll get pulled over for speeding on my bicycle… and I’ll take a selfie with the officer and frame the photo and ticket.

We pulled into the driveway with a little more than 35 miles in 2:03 and change, and 716 miles for the month. We did 35 on the tandem Sunday and I wrapped up with a ride on the hamster wheel, Monday to finish with 772 miles for the month. Decent for a normal month, but astounding for a Michigan November. Well beyond my previous best November (by about 100 miles, usual is 200 better). While I was at it, I checked my Octobers going back to 2012 as well… 799 miles for the month was another best.

What a Thanksgiving weekend that was! If they make better weekends, they make them for other people. I’ll actually be ready to go back to work come Monday! Better, only eight days and I’ll be off for another week and some change between Christmas and New Year’s Day.

2020 can kiss my ass on the way out – it sucked for one major reason – but I can’t lie, there was a silver lining. The cycling was freaking awesome.