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Nine Years a Blogger… and a BUNCH of Words Later.

I was just informed yesterday I’d come upon my ninth anniversary with WordPress. Nine years a blogger…

Happy Anniversary with!
You registered on 9 years ago.
Thanks for flying with us. Keep up the good blogging.

I started out with an idea that a couple of friends of mine would help out but when they balked, I went it alone with the purpose of sharing my experience, strength and hope, that these might help others recover from a seemingly insurmountable disease of the mind and body. My little niche was adding fitness to the recovery. Life in recovery is fantastic, there’s no doubt. I didn’t know it at first, because I went straight into being active immediately after getting out of treatment. After several years of recovery, I hit a point of stagnation. I stopped with most physical activity and sat on the couch playing video games. I was in my early 30’s and, without seeing it in the mirror, I ballooned from 150 pounds to 195. I only noticed because someone had taken a photo of me without my knowing it and, on seeing that photo, I had a double chin.

That day sucked.

Shortly thereafter I’d purchased running shoes and got to work. My wife had already been running, so she showed me the way and I ran my ass off. Literally.

The interesting turn to the story is that my life improved with exercise. My attitude and outlook were vastly better with the program and running. My health improved and the weight came off. I haven’t stopped to so much as take a breath, since. Recovery and life are good.

So it is, and God willing, so it shall ever be. After I found a new freedom and a new happiness, I found another freedom and happiness and it’s all the better. Life isn’t always easy, I’m thrown curveballs just like everyone else, but there’s something profoundly awesome to be able to wake up in the morning and think, “Man, it’s good to be me. Thanks, God.

Throughout those nine years I’ve had some pretty stellar experiences writing, mainly in the form of comments from people my writing touched. I never did well as a sponsor because I tend to work the people I sponsor. It’s the quickest way to freedom and happiness I know of, but it’s not exactly the most popular way to do things. With this blog, though, I found a way to reach people I never could have. I found a way to work with others, and therefore fulfill my role in the last step. It is by working with others that we insure our recovery.

To wrap this post up, I’d forgotten that earlier this year I realized I’d hit a milestone at some point late in the year. I missed the day by about 45-50 days, though. I hit 2,000,000 words at some point around the middle of October. Today’s tally is 2,026,000 and some change. It’s been an awesome run, and so shall it continue.