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There’s Nothing Like a Fast, Light Road Bike… Nothing

I rode on the trainer Tuesday morning. It was obnoxiously cold. Sunny, but 21 degrees that felt like 15-ish with the wind (that’s -6 and -9 C). 19 is my cutoff. Below 20, it’s just not fun to me. I spoke with my riding buddy, Chuck before my wife and I climbed atop our steeds. He said he might ride later in the afternoon so I asked him to call me because I might join him if I didn’t have anything pressing pop up.

Sure enough, he called shortly after 1pm. It was still cold 30 deg F with a wind chill of 23 F (-1 C & -5 C), but it was sunny and that new jacket I bought makes riding in the cold a worry of the past. I told him I’d roll as long as my wife didn’t have anything pressing for me to do. She was good with it, so I started to get ready. I texted Chuck first, Diverge or Tarmac? I didn’t want to be stuck riding my gravel bike while he was on his good bike. Been there. Don’t like it.

And so it was decided. The good bikes it was. I took the Trek, of course. The real good bike won’t see the light of day till April.

I swapped rear wheels from the trainer wheel, aired up the tires, set the computer and radar, and rolled. Every mile of the ride, even into the wind, was spectacular. After two months on a gravel or mountain bike, 20 miles on the Trek was pure unadulterated joy… all I could do was smile.

And so it is on the good bikes. Oh, gravel and mountain bikes are useful and fun in their own right, but nothing beats the easy speed of a good race bike. I’ll get through the winter just fine, but I’m already looking forward to spring… and letting the good bikes loose again.

Sadly, I’m done outdoors for a while. We got a beautiful coating of snow last night and the back roads were sketchy before it snowed, a packed layer of ice mixed in with the dirt. Anyone who rides knows, snow over ice is impassable on a bike unless you’ve got studded tires… or a crazy desire to find out, rather quickly, how well one bounces.