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An End to Endomondo, And Where to Go Next…

I’ve been tracking miles on Endomondo since 2011. Under Armor bought it several years ago and folded up shop on them. They’re switching everything over to Map My [Ride, Run, Fitness, etc., etc.]. Endomondo has almost every workout I’ve done since 2012 when I started tracking everything. I did take ’14 or ’15 off from computers altogether, so I had to take a stab at that year’s mileage (and I guessed way low, by a thousand miles or more). There’s a problem with my using Endomondo, though: I never paid a dime for it. A business model where you give a product away is not destined for greatness. Thus, I didn’t really complain when it was announced Endo was shutting down. Technically, I had no right to.

So what to do next?

Well, originally, because I ride so much more than anything else, I switched to Map My Ride. I connected my Endo account to MMR and… I broke Map My Ride. Only the last year and a few months transferred over. That wasn’t going to cut it so I tried Map My Fitness next, and that worked. Everything from 2011 on transferred.

Therefore, if you have to stick with something from Under Armor, I’d recommend just going straight to Map My Fitness to transfer your data from Endomondo. From there, connect MMF to Garmin Connect and whatever else floats your boat. It’s quite simple and Endo has an FAQ that’ll help you through the process if you need (I did).

Unfortunately, after several attempts at troubleshooting the issue, I haven’t been able to make MMF connect to Garmin Connect where it’ll automatically send my workout to Map My Fitness and I’m tired of dealing with it. Up till December 31st I’d manually entered workouts just so I could limp the app to the new year. I decided at that point just to go with the app I pay for and put everything on Strava. Now, if you absolutely, positively have to put your whole history on one app, you can upload your old history 25 workouts at a time. I’d have to follow the procedure 124 times to get everything over to Strava. Not only that, I’d have to be very careful between 2018 and 2019 in importing my data. I have duplicate workouts on Endomondo and Strava so if I simply did a batch imports for those years, that would completely mess up my numbers. It’s possible Strava would recognize this, but it’s sketchy and it’s just not all that big of a deal. I’ve got everything saved on a spreadsheet anyway, including my best times for running and cycling.

That said, if you absolutely positively have to move your info, it can be done. It just won’t be a simple, easy process like moving everything from Endomondo to Map My Fitness.