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I’m Taking the Weekend Off to Ride My Bike… A Disappointing Day for Strava Users, Or At Least Half of Them

Trigger (heh) warning: This is a post of a political nature. It does not take a stand on ideological grounds (I think), though it does contain common sense of the variety that isn’t very common lately. It takes me all the way till the last sentence to get to the lesson I’m breaking with this post and for that, I apologize. Please proceed with caution. I’ll be leaving comments open because I’m not a sissy. Please be tactful or I’ll simply delete the comment without responding. You have been trigger (heh) warned.

The cofounders of Strava decided to send out a post yesterday in which they properly lamented the craziness that occurred in Washington DC this past week. I, along with most other sane people, hope the perpetrators of mayhem and destruction during that “mostly peaceful protest march” are brought to justice and are treated exactly the same way Antifa and rioters were treated when they lit cities across the nation on fire over the summer.

I hope all criminals are treated equally under the law and prosecuted as they should be. I do not support “justice for some” approaches to anything. The saying is “and justice for all”. We are a nation of laws and those laws should be enforced until such a time as they are changed legitimately through proper legislative procedures. If you want to march for equal treatment under the law, I’ll march with you. I’ll carry your flag. If you want to march against police shooting weapon-wielding or charging criminals and maniacs, well, I’ll leave that to you. I’d expect to be shot deader ‘n hell (and many, many times) if I was dumb enough to run at or turn on a cop whilst holding a knife.

This should seem like a no-brainer position to hold. It is not.

The cofounders of Strava went off the rails in their riff about a new, ignorant way of looking at the looting and destruction that occurred over the summer contrasted against the way the mob was treated that broke into the capitol. In one day, more than 50 arrests were made and more perps are being sought through video surveillance sorting methods. I hope every one of those knuckleheads is caught and sees the inside of a jail cell. Those who left pipe bombs at the DNC and RNC, I hope will see lengthy sentences without the possibility of being freed early. However, contrast that against the riots that have been going on non-stop in Seattle for the last seven months one week and three days. Or those in Baltimore, Maryland where the Mayor backed police off to give rioters space to loot, pillage and burn the city. The same approach was apparent in major cities across the US. If you missed it, I’m not surprised. It wasn’t exactly reported that way. The main media outlets, for the most part, ignored that idiocy.

The people whose livelihoods were burned to the ground amidst the “mostly peaceful” riots didn’t miss it.

The message they’re getting, and the ideologues at Strava are missing because they’re ignorant, is this: If they come to burn down your house, no big deal. We’ll give them space and let it burn. If they come for our House, it’s an assault on democracy and/or the country. “Peace for me, but not for thee” is the message and that message is entirely unacceptable. We should be able to agree easily on this.

Not surprisingly, the @$$#oles who cofounded Strava turned off comments for their post, thus the reason for this one. While I agree with a small portion of what they wrote, the larger body of their post is ideologically repugnant. I’ll just leave it at that.

In closing, I’d like to take a moment to fend off one of the more ignorant points made by the knuckleheads who created Strava. Their post tried to make the point that rioters and looters over the summer were treated more harshly than those who tore up the capitol building by lumping the summer rioters in with “peaceful protestors”. This is reprehensible. They did this by lumping Detroit, which was, with the exception of a few days, entirely peaceful with cities like Washington DC, Portland and Minneapolis where there were clear riots. Detroit, and to an even greater extent, Flint, didn’t see rioting, looting and arson because (almost) everyone worked together to come together as people rather than fractured, bickering, insipid ideologies. Local police and officials took off their riot gear and marched with protestors and, but for a few opportunistic politicians blathering on about ideological nonsense, Michiganders weren’t “mostly peaceful”, we were peaceful. We showed the nation how it should be done and marched with each other. To my memory, there were zero riots. Those few who committed destructive acts were arrested and prosecuted. Exactly as should be. We weren’t forced to defend our homes and businesses from the onslaught, we were able to march together. That’s how it’s supposed to go.

Most decent folk, and by most I mean the vast majority – beyond 90% – should be able to agree that those who harm another in breaking a law should be prosecuted fully. Those who rioted at the capitol should be prosecuted just the same as a rioter in any city the world over should be held responsible for their actions.

When, however, you pick and choose who gets prosecuted for breaking laws, that’s when normal people are moved to respond loudly. And this is as it should be. What the ideologues are doing is simply transferring their marginality from one to another group of people for political expediency. That should always be pushed back against by all decent people, no matter their color, creed or religion. Including the cofounders of Strava. Who did nothing more than create a neat app.

And no, I won’t be leaving Strava. The app may be run by a couple of ignoramuses, but it’s still a cool app… though it might not be a bad way to teach them the most valuable lesson they missed:


PS. By the way, on-scene photos and the video evidence and reports show that both left-wing nuts and right-wing nuts were responsible for the destruction. If you think your ideology is pure as the driven snow in this, you’re simply mistaken.