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Intervals, Push-ups & Predators on a Monday Night

I received a wonderful compliment about the blog on Strava last night from one of the guys I ride with on Tuesday night who joined us in the last two or three years. It feels a little odd when Strava (or normal, everyday) “me” and WordPress “me” cross paths but it was one of those comments that let’s you know WordPress me is doing something worthwhile… and it was with a good feeling in my heart I prepped the Trek for an ugly half-hour on the trainer. Interval night.

Predators was the movie choice for the early evening, one of my old go-to favorites when I need something to watch when I’m too worried about puking on my top tube to watch all that much.

30 whole seconds to warm up followed by a ramp in pace, followed by my intervals. Six in the space of 30 minutes with a minute or two in between each minute or two-long interval and just enough oomph to make me wonder what the hell I’m doing this for. Without a doubt, my interval days on the trainer are the most intense workouts I’ll do all year long. In fact, I can very much feel the effort in my legs this morning.

I picked up a CycleOps trainer-specific Kenda tire at the shop the other day and gave that its first run last night and I really loved it. Very quiet, no slippage – even in the hard gears (I hate the squeaking of road tires after a week or two). I’ll reserve the review for after I’ve worn it in for a few weeks. I want to see how it behaves with some miles on it first. First impression is fantastic, though.

I finished my 30 minutes with a puddle of sweat on the floor that contained (almost) every last ounce of “want to” I had in me when I started the movie up.

I had to save a little for the push-ups. Folks, I’ve relied on “cycling fitness” to get me by for a few years. I once did push-ups and sit-ups regularly (300 a day for the push-ups) and built myself a nice set of pecs. Sadly, after three years of nothing but cycling, they’re starting to more resemble boobs. I decided after cycling season, it was time to tighten them up. And so it has been, I’ve included push-ups with interval night… and comically, I’ve only done three sessions so far because after the first 25 my shoulders hurt so bad it was tough to wash my hair the next morning. It took three days before I could go again. Thankfully, I’ve passed the painfulness of the exercise so I’m able to start ramping up the number and frequency. It surprised me how fully I regressed after doing push-ups for so long.

So here we go, folks. It’s time to get ramped up for the new season. We’re only two months and three days away!


  1. chape says:

    Picturing you having a hard time washing your hair made me smile 😉
    You could get better results if you add some rows to the equation, will help to protect your shoulders and your pecs will grow faster.

  2. Mr Shit50s says:

    Nice blog! The hair thing made me chuckle, too!

    Really agree with what you say about the limitations of cycling fitness – I’ve been doing little but bike (and some weights) lately as I come back from a knee injury and have dropped both the running and the push-ups I used to do. I therefore had a right shock when I looked in the mirror the other night – some serious remedial work needs doing, especially around the stomach area – and I think it’s only running and sit-ups that are going to get me back into decent shape. I managed my first 5-mile run for a while this morning and it was hard, because running is so much more intense than cycling, unless you’re doing a lot of big hills. But that – and sit ups/planks – are perhaps the only way back.

    Chape – just seen your comment – does rowing (on a machine?) help with the core muscles, too?

  3. crustytuna says:

    Nice. I’ve just started back with daily 100s (pushups/situps/squats). Would be nice to get to 300! #goals! Mountain bike descents are basically lots of little mini pushups, so hopefully this will pay off!

  4. unironedman says:

    I’m your brother from another mother: same here; just getting back in to the gym again after a long break and by god, it’s shameful!

  5. Lisa M. Boyd says:

    Best part even though I can relate is the part about having a hard time washing your hair. It just added a very nice touch to your share. At least you still have hair right? I too hope after I get the release from doctor prayerfully next week to start doing some much needed tuneups on part of my body. I just am awaiting the clearance.

    With it being such a long 9 months, I don’t think anything will be able to stop me from trying to get in the best shape I have been in years.

    • bgddyjim says:

      Just take it slow and steady, Lisa! Take your time.

      • Lisa M. Boyd says:

        Oh I am now that I found sleep again it like I am making up for all the stress my body insured over the last 9 months. I am much like a turtle. Haven’t left my house in 4 days. That does wear on anyone, but I really want my Seroma to be gone when I get checked next week. My body can only do so much.

        It only allows me to push it so far, grateful I am pretty in-tune with it these days. 😊

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