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Remembering One of the Main Tenets of Cycling and Why the Sport Is Unquestionably Awesome: There Are No Politics On Bike Rides

Have you tired of hearing the phrase(s), “in these trying times” or “these difficult times” yet? I’ve resorted to yelling at the radio every now and again. I must look awesome driving down the road.

It seems everything has to be preceded or followed by one of those two phrases. They don’t have much to do with politics, really, because the times are difficult and trying – especially when everything is so “in your face” lately with raw nerves aplenty. I simply ask, in these trying and difficult times; don’t participate.

Remember, as winter comes to a close in the next month and a few days in the northern hemisphere, riding bikes with friends is as good as it gets, whether they did or didn’t like Trump. If it matters to you, if you simply can’t ride a bike with someone who voted for Trump or someone who voted for Biden, folks, that says more about you than anyone else and none of it is good. If I’m an idiot, fine. Enjoy all of those solo miles.

For the rest of us normal folk, maybe practice a little forgiveness now and again. It does a soul good. Forgive your right-wing friend for their ignorance. Forgive your left-wing friend for their smug way of being wrong about virtually everything. And remember this phrase if someone brings up anything about politics on a bike ride: “Hey, no politics on bike rides.” It works.

In these trying and troubled times, let us not be shocked and chagrined… let’s argue about something really important… like why red on black is the best bicycle color scheme in the history of bicycles.